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Exam grading

The grade boundaries for externally examined subjects vary from exam period to exam period and from subject to subject. The British International School of Madrid, Hastings School, also permits its teachers to grade their examination classes according to the average grade boundaries for their subject, but typically we use the following percentage boundaries:

At IGCSE grades A* to C are passing grades. At AS/A level A* to E are passing grades.

Outstanding examination results and effective validation of studies

The IGCSE and Advanced level examinations are recognised throughout the world. In the USA, for example, A Levels are accepted as the equivalent to the Advanced Placement scheme. The school provides information and guidance for all students involved in applications for higher education.

As Hastings School is fully authorised, students enjoy the benefit of validating their studies in Spain. For most year groups, validation is automatic on the successful completion of the year’s studies. In Years 11, 12 and 13, students need to achieve a specific number of pass grades in their IGCSE and AS/A Level examinations.

Every year the school achieves outstanding examination results, well above the norm in the United Kingdom.

2019 IGCSE and A Levels

Congratulations to all students who took A levels and IGCSEs this year in achieving a really strong set of results and a big improvement from last year. Despite the number of top grades at A level falling worldwide to the lowest level for 12 years, Hastings students achieved significantly more top grades than last year.


A Levels and Universities

  • The percentage of A* and A grades has risen from 36% last year to 44% this year.
  • 21% of students obtained three A grades or better.
  • The percentage of A* grades in Maths has risen 13% to 20%
  • The percentage of A* and A grades in Physics has risen from 25% to 50%
  • The percentage of A* and A grades in Spanish has risen from 65% to 83%
  • English Literature didn´t have any As or above last year and this year it was 25%
  • The percentage of A* to B grades in Geography has risen from 14.3% to 67%

The university picture, although not yet completely finalised, is extremely positive with students offered places at top university places in the UK, Spain and beyond. We are proud to say that we have three future medics, a fashion designer, a graphic animator, an architect, a dentist, a broadcast journalist, a creative writer, as well as future professionals in international development and sustainable energy, not to mention an impressive range of scientists, economists and business and IT experts.



  • The percentage of A* to B grades in Maths rose from 55% last year to 65% this year.
  • The percentage of A* to B in Science rose from 59% last year to 82% this year.
  • The percentage of students achieving at least five A* to C grades rose from 94% last year to 100% this year
  • 43% of students obtained six or more A and A* grades.
  • 14% of students achieved five or more A* grades.


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