Welcome to Hastings School

Dear Parents,

At Hastings School, the International British School of Madrid, we are interested in providing the best possible education for your child in terms of equipping them intellectually and emotionally for the future in our ever-developing digital society. We aim to treat each child as an individual and every day we challenge students (and their teachers!) to be the best they can be. It means that a typical student at Hastings is polite, confident, respectful of and curious about difference, academically and interpersonally skilled, and speaks at least two languages fluently.

We have a professional and highly trained team of British and Spanish teachers who on an annual basis help our international set of students to achieve exceptional results within IGCSE, AS, and A levels, and, for those who select to do so, within Spanish university entrance examinations. Normally, 100% of our graduates go on to study at university – many in the UK, some remain in Spain, and some venture further afield.

Should you be considering your child’s first school, please visit our Early Years sections – either at Paseo de la Habana or at Ronda Sobradiel – and you will see happy, smiling faces and a great learning experience based on safe play and structured activity.

Choosing the best school for our children is one of the most important decisions we all might make. Please continue your initial research of our school via our website. Then feel free to contact us directly for more specific information, or to make an appointment to visit us and meet with one of our section leaders.

Kind regards,


Leadership Team - Hastings School - British School Madrid

Neil Tetley