Teaching Team

Teachers at Hastings School

Our teachers are developed professionally to include the best classroom practices into their teaching routines, and a key routine is for each teacher to forge a positive and strong working relationship with each of their pupils.

A teacher’s role will always include the duty to extend those pupils who are ready for additional challenge, and to offer support to those who require more help. Teachers at Hastings will encourage their pupils to develop a growth mindset where achievement and effort are celebrated equally, where mistakes and errors are known to provide excellent learning opportunities, and the only unacceptable philosophy is that which leads to ‘giving-up’.


Staff per campus

Neil TetleyPrincipal  
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Emma Louise DuffyDeputy Head  
Myriam CarrilloLearning Support Coordinator 
Amber BrownTeacherPre-Nursery
Laura del Pozo Teaching AssistantPre-Nursery
Gisela Leal de RivasTeaching AssistantPre-Nursery
Marina MartinezTeacherNursery
Rachel RossiTeacherNursery
Sandra SevillejaTeaching AssistantNursery
Sara Martínez Teaching AssistantNursery
Daisy Guisasola FreedmanTeaching AssistantNursery
Laura Vega Teaching AssistantNursery
Patricia Riveiro Teaching AssistantEarly Years 
Jessica McLauchlan TeacherReception
Ellie StokesTeaching AssistantReception
Carolina BridgesTeacherReception
Marta JimenezTeaching AssistantReception
Nicola StewartTeacherReception
Paola EcheverriaTeaching Assistant Reception 
Clare Gilhooley Support Teacher Early Years 
Ana Encinas Secretary  
Neil TetleyPrincipal  
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Scott O’DonnellDeputy Head of Primary  
Myriam CarrilloLearning Support Coordinator 
Jane MondejarSupport Teacher 
Alli BierhausTeacherNursery
Caroline NordstromTeacherReception
Grace CliftonTeacherYear 1
Will HewsonTeacherYear 2
Emma Cordón Spanish TeacherYear 1 
Laura Lopéz Spanish TeacherYear 2
Ashley JohnstonTeaching AssistantNursery
Soraya Nuñez Teaching AssistantNursery
Gabriel Cons de SouzaTeaching AssistantYear 1 – Year 2
Eleanor BartonMusic TeacherYear 1 – Year 2
Madeleine De VriesSecretary 
Neil TetleyPrincipal  
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary
Fiona ChapmanDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator
Catherine VilleneauTeacherYear 1
Anna McKechnieTeacherYear 1
David LesterTeacherYear 1
Hannah CollierTeacherYear 2
Maddie TowarekTeacherYear 2
Byran HealyTeacherYear 2
Olivia BrownTeacherYear 3
Claire TimmonsTeacherYear 3
Jenny ReillyTeacherYear 3
Kerry HazelTeacherYear 4
Laura MabberleyTeacherYear 4
Sarah SweeneyTeacherYear 4
Silvia MartínSupport Teacher 
Brendan CunnaneSupport Teacher 
Emma CordónSpanish Teacher 
Miriam UseroSpanish Teacher 
Alicia GarcíaSpanish Teacher 
Laura LopezSpanish Teacher 
Mariví RubioSpanish Teacher 
Ellie BartonMusic Teacher 
John MeighanDigital Learning 
Emma JonesTeaching Assistant 
Ben CallowayTeaching Assistant 
Leire BenlliureTeaching Assistant 
Clara Santos FernándezSpanish Teaching Assistant 
Sara RodriguezSecretary 
Susanne BrüningSecretary 
Pilar ÁlvarezPlayground monitor 
Neil TetleyPrincipal 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Anne McConnellDeputy Head 
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator 
Seana McCrackenTeacherYear 5
Jason MallonTeacherYear 5
Craig HillisTeacherYear 6
Thomas ConnorTeacherYear 5
Sarah DalgleishTeacherYear 6
Colette DuffySupport Teacher 
Luci TonnerMusic Teacher 
Alicia GarcíaSpanish Teacher 
Concha CelestinoSpanish Teacher 
Mariví RubioSpanish Teacher 
Fiona DuncanSecretary 
Daniel DelgadoAssistant to Secretary 
Neil TetleyPrincipal  
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary 
Jonathan GunziHead of Secondary 
Linda CarruthersDeputy Head of Secondary (Pastoral)  
Rose BryantDeputy Head of Secondary (Academic)  
Marta PérezHead of  Lower School & Head of Character Development  
Alba ConejeroSpanish TeacherSecondary
Andres AguayoEnglish TeacherSecondary
Andrew GrahamPhysics TeacherSecondary
Anna KatherineScience TeacherSecondary
Benjamin ElmsEnglish TeacherSecondary
Blanca OssetArt TeacherSecondary
Borja AnguloPE TeacherSecondary
Bruno CorazzaFrench TeacherSecondary
Claudia FernándezCover TeacherSecondary
Cristina GascaLearning Support & School PsychologistSecondary
David O’ConnorComputer Science TeacherSecondary
David Olivares PachecoSpanish Teacher for Biología, Matemáticas, Química Secondary
Dawn SurgenorMaths TeacherSecondary
Debbie RichardsEnglish TeacherSecondary
Elisabet GunziGeography TeacherSecondary
Gemma BullentHead of Economics and Business StudiesSecondary
Graham OrmerodGeography & History TeacherSecondary
Hal PattendenChemistry TeacherSecondary
Irene BrownScience TeacherSecondary
Ismael LópezDirector TécnicoSecondary
Javier Pérez Spanish Teacher for LenguaSecondary
Jean BennettArt TeacherSecondary
Jeffrey SerbusMaths TeacherSecondary
Jo Elliott-MellEnglish Teacher Secondary
Jonathan RodríguezMaths TeacherSecondary
Julie ColomièsFrench TeacherSecondary
Kevin BeerUniversity Counsellor &
Sixth Form Support
Lara PlansSpanish Teacher for Geografía e HistoríaSecondary
Laura EastaffEnglish TeacherSecondary
Lesley ClarkHistory TeacherSecondary
Marina GutierrezSpanish TeacherSecondary
Melina CloupFrench TeacherSecondary
Michael ConnollyScience & Maths TeacherSecondary
Mikel BoyraICT Teacher and Tech CoachSecondary
Milagros RomeraSpanish Teacher for Lengua y LiteraturaSecondary
Nuria LunaLaboratory TechnicianSecondary
Paul ThomasPE TeacherSecondary
Rafa CarrascoSpanish Teacher for Lengua and Geografía e Historía Secondary
Ramón AmorósArt TeacherSecondary
Richard VickersHistory and Geography TeacherSecondary
Rosa MartínezScience TeacherSecondary
Sam ZeitoMaths TeacherSecondary
Samantha ClaireDrama TeacherSecondary
Susana GarcíaSpanish Teacher for Geografía e Historía & SpanishSecondary
Vicky WrightTeaching and Learning CoordinatorSecondary
Scott O’DonnellDeputy Head of Primary 
Alicia García Spanish teacherPrimary
Becs UhartTeacher assistant Primary
Conchi CelestinoSpanish teacherPrimary
James DevlinYear 3 teacherPrimary
Luci TonnerMusic TeacherPrimary
Madeleine ScarlesYear 5 teacher Primary
Mariví Rubio Spanish teacherPrimary
Michael O’Hara Year 4 teacherPrimary
Rhodri DaviesYear 6 teacherPrimary
Neil TetleyPrincipal 
Helen OrmerodAssistant Principal | Head of Primary
Jonathan GunziHead of Secondary
Linda CarruthersDeputy Head of Secondary (Pastoral) Teacher of Art & Design
Rose BryantDeputy Head of Secondary (Academic) | English Literature Teacher | Drama and Theatre Teacher
Andres RomeroLab Technician
Andrew GrahamPhysics Teacher
Andrew McEachenBiology Teacher
Barbara NuñezHead of Careers and Entrepreneurship
Benjamin ElmsEnglish Teacher
Bruno CorazzaFrench Teacher
Dawn SurgenorMaths Teacher
Gemma BullentHead of Economics and Business Studies
Irene BrownScience Teacher
James EarlyLearning Support Specialist
Jason RonaldMaths Teacher
Jean BennettArt Teacher
Laura EastaffEnglish Teacher
Leah SmithHead of Data, Academic Administration and Geography
Marina GutierrezSpanish Teacher
Mikel BoyraICT Teacher and Tech Coach
Richard VickersHistory and Geography Teacher