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Hastings School is an English-only school, which follows the English National Curriculum. Subjects are taught in English and students are immersed completely in the language throughout the school day. Other languages such as Spanish and French are taught as subject areas.

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For small children between 3 to 5 years old, previous knowledge of English in not required. From Year 1 onwards we may test the level of English to determine whether the child will be comfortable in class. Children learn languages very quickly. Joining at an early age is clearly an advantage. Secondary students need to have a proficient level of English to enter the school. You will find more details about this in our section concerning Entry Requirements.

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Our school is recognised both by the British and Spanish education authorities as a formal teaching centre. We follow the English National Curriculum and students can apply for places in British and Spanish universities as well as other institutions around the world.

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Yes. We offer our students an all-round education. We organise a whole range of after-school activities.

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We have our own kitchen and kitchen staff where specialised staff prepares balanced and nutritious meals every day

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Yes. Hastings, the International British School of Madrid, has a bus service, though the routes are concentrated in the city centre areas immediately surrounding the Hastings School buildings.

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Yes. The Hastings School Family Club is a space for families to learn and enjoy themselves together. We organise a series of Fun Saturdays every term. These are two-hour sessions where parents and children learn together while having fun. Events have included cooking, dancing, egg-hunting and music.

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Yes. Every year we run the Hastings Summer School, which offers a four-week programme packed with a variety of activities in English, for children from 3 to 13 years old.