Another Step Towards Sustainability with our New Solar Panels

Hastings School has recently installed over 100 solar panels in order to keep progressing with our sustainability plan.

Our aim as a school, is to become more sustainable in as many areas as possible. Research shows that being a sustainable school raises standards and enhances young people’s well-being: sustainable schools engage young people in their learning, thereby improving motivation and behaviour, plus saving resources such as energy and water has a positive impact on the environment.

We have installed these solar panels with the idea that they will generate enough electricity to power the building, entirely. It is anticipated that these panels will generate a total amount of energy equivalent to planting 1,373 trees or saving the amount of 238,588 kilometres of emissions.

This project has been introduced across all Cognita Schools, in line with the group’s values of the environment and the importance of community awareness of the topic of sustainability.

Our students are extremely involved in achieving our sustainability goals and it’s as important to them as it is us. We have a Sustainability Task Force including student representatives, have established a network of student-led Eco Schools committees and created a three-year sustainability strategy.