Art session in our Family Club: Kandinsky and Matisse

Art is considered to be very important at Hastings School and in fact, you will see many outstanding examples of our students’ artwork along school walls and corridors.

Last Saturday 7th February, yet another ‘Family Club’ session took place, and this time it revolved around art and the prestigious artists Kandinsky and Matisse. The distinguishing traits of both artists were explained before the participants started to reproduce two of their most famous works of art, i.e. ‘The Snail’ by Matisse and ‘Some Circles’ by Kandinsky.

The snail, by Matisse

Some circles, by Kandinsky

Children and parents interacted, painted and had fun as a family. When all said and done, children love nothing better than a blank sheet of paper and paints to be able to give free rein to their imagination and creativity.