Breadth of study in a bicultural context

Pupils follow the whole range of subjects of the national curriculum and, in addition, study Spanish language and humanities. In this way they receive a broader and bicultural education, which better equips them for modern life.


Primary Education in Spain

In the Primary School considerable emphasis is given to the core subjects: English, Spanish, Mathematics and Science. These provide the platform on which we build the rest of the pupils’ learning. We have implemented the recent literacy and numeracy strategies and the foundation years programme from the United Kingdom. Throughout the curriculum, children’s language development is encouraged through the skillful interaction of listening, talking, reading and writing. Those children who are experiencing difficulties or are in the early phase of language learning are provided with extra support as appropriate.

In Mathematics, we emphasise basic number work while at the same time encouraging children to apply their mathematical skills across the whole curriculum for use in everyday practical situations. During Science lessons children are given the opportunity to explore the world in which we live, relating science to everyday life. They learn to use the methods of hypothesis, observation, designing and carrying out experiments and recording results. We aim, in all our work, to develop recognition of, and respect for the environment. The other curriculum subjects are taught through integrated cross-curricular work.

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