In the Sixth Form, the academic ‘jump’ from IGCSE to AS level is considerable and the level and intensity of the student workload increases significantly. This means that students need to be well-organised, be able to work independently and self-motivate, whilst also seeking and following advice from teaching staff. Using free time well, both in and out of school, is all part of the post-16 learning curve. Students are therefore expected to carry out homework, coursework, wider reading and research and dedicate approximately 4 -5 hours’ work beyond the classroom per week, per subject.

AS / A Level (Years 12 & 13)

A typical Hastings pupil will select 4 AS/A level subjects in Year 12 chosen from: Literature in English, History, Economics & Business, Geography, French, Applied ICT, Art & Design, Art & Photography, Drama & Theatre, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Further Mathematics. All pupils will sit the entire A Level in Spanish a year early at the end of their Year 12, unless they are a non-native speaker of Spanish in which case they will sit the level of exam most appropriate for their individual ability.

Spanish university preparation (Years 12 & 13)

Students who know it is at least possible that they will make applications to Spanish universities can also opt to take complementary Spanish university preparation classes in the following subjects: Historia del Arte, Literatura Universal y Lengua, Matemáticas aplicadas a las Ciencias Sociales, Geografía, DibujoTécnico, Biología, Física, Química y Matemáticas.

Enrichment Programme

We offer a full Enrichment Programme in our Sixth Form which runs alongside the academic Curriculum. Students have ample opportunity to take part in activities which develop their skills base and are considered of value to universities. These include:

  • Running the Debating Society and secondary-wide Maths Club
  • European Youth Parliament
  • Mindfulness Training
  • Academic Mentoring of younger pupils
  • Managing Sixth Form Newsletter and School Magazine
  • Community Service (Classroom Assistants)

Prefects and Head Students

We offer roles of trust-type responsibility to sixth formers who set the best all-round example to help them develop communicative and leadership skills: Prefects and Head Girl, Head Boy and Deputy Head Students. The latter are considered to be prestigious roles by British universities.

Sixth Form Accommodation and Facilities:

The Sixth form centres largely around the Head of Sixth Form office. We operate an open-door policy and all sixth formers have access to the following facilities:

  • A supervised quiet Sixth Form study area during their free study periods, equipped with computers and internet connection.
  • Careers and university resource area with catalogues and up-to-date information
  • Sixth Form student notice board
  • Access to British university course selection software
  • Each student receives a school email account

Dress Code

Sixth Formers are not expected to wear school uniform; instead we operate a casual but smart dress code.

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