Escuela Animalia visited Pre-Nursery

On Tuesday 14th June a petting zoo came to Paseo de la Habana, there was a variety of farm animals including a piglet, a duckling and a chick. There were also rabbits, goats, sheep, geese, hens and a very big cockerel! The children got to feed, brush and touch all the different animals!

This organisation is called ‘Escuela animalia’. It’s the first time pre-nursery has ever had a visit from a farm and the children really enjoyed their time with the animals, there were a lot of conversations with the children after the farm had left about the animals and what they had learnt.

There were three monitors from the petting zoo showing the children how to take care of the different animals and to not be afraid if they got close. They also sang some songs, the children especially enjoyed the one about the ‘Pollito Pepe’.

They put up a fun show interacting among them and the children. It was a great opportunity for them to see and spend time with and relate to a selection of the animals that we talk a lot about in the class throughout the year.

Escuela animalia (4)
Escuela animalia (3)

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