Freshers’ Fair 2016

On 23rd June, Year 12 staged our now yearly induction event of  Freshers’ Fair to welcome our year 11s into the sixth form at Hastings.  With this idea we emulate the popular first week of university in the UK, during which new undergraduate students are invited to attend a week-long Freshers’ Fair, hosting a whole range of activities and stands for joining clubs, societies and social events.  

‘Our Freshers’ Fair at Hastings is a fun and creative way for year 11s to hear about their sixth form experience from their older and wiser peers! They learn about our Enrichment Programme, including European Youth Parliament, Debating Society, Community Service, becoming a prefect and Head Student as well as what it’s like to study their new AS Level subjects next year’.

 Julie Oakley, Head of Sixth Form.


Freshers' Fair (4)