Hastings Drama project 2014-15

On the 12th of February students from Years 7 and 9 performed a selection of short plays to a very appreciative audience of fellow students and parents. The title of the show was Hastings Drama Project: Greatest Hits. It included some of the most popular short plays performed over the last eight years since the Drama Project began. A lot of time and effort went into the preparation of the show and it was pleasing for all concerned to have it so well received.

Hastings pupils performing a piece
Pupil responses to the Drama Project presentation February 2015:

I think the plays were classic and modern at the same time. They were very entertaining. I enjoyed the British accents used by the actors.

It surprised me that the plays were going to be so entertaining. I didn’t even turn around once to comment something to the person behind me.

I think the plays were very creative. It was obvious that a lot of effort had been put into them.

I really liked the plays. The actors really enjoyed acting them out and the audience enjoyed watching them.

The plays were well thought out and well performed. Everybody knew their lines and stayed in character throughout.

I liked the plays a lot. It was impressive that they learned all those lines and expressed the emotions that the characters felt so well.

Hastings pupils performing a piece

I think the show was very exciting and funny. When it was over I was nearly crying with laughter. I think the plays should be performed in a professional theatre and show them to the whole of Madrid!