Opening Hastings Nexus - British School Madrid

Hastings Nexus, a real-world centre for pre-university students

On 1st October we officially opened Hastings Nexus, the new Hastings School campus which is home to an unprecedented educational concept for pre-university students. Hastings Nexus was created with the aim of providing a more effective environment where pupils can develop not only their autonomy as students but also the so-called “21st century skills” which are so necessary for the arrival of the 4th industrial revolution.

The campus is 3500 m2 distributed across 24 classes, 3 STEM laboratories (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), 4 Art laboratories (photography, Maker Space, drawing, painting and sculpture), 1 library/study area and 1 cafeteria.  There are 1000m2 divided into areas for group work and rest, and even a hydroponic vertical garden.

During the opening event, presentations and talks about the world of education and its role in society were given by Stuart Rolland (CEO of the Cognita Group in Europe), Guy Claxton (recognised educator and creator of the Learning Power Approach) Derek Browne (CEO of Entrepreneurs in Action).and Simon Camby (Cognita Education Director). Tim Hemmings, the Deputy British Ambassador in Spain. also took part in the institutional act, along with Fernando Furones, an ex-pupil of Hastings School who emphasized that he could take on and achieve not only his professional objectives, but personal challenges too, thanks to the tools provided by the school.

Hastings Nexus is the second pre-university centre opened by Cognita in Spain, following the same educational concept as BSB Nexus, the Sixth Form pupils’ campus at The British School of Barcelona which opened its doors in 2008.

Thank you very much to all of you who came to celebrate with us this milestone in the history of Hastings School!