Hastings School’s success in The European Youth Parliament regional session held in Madrid on Saturday 8th February 2014

Six students from Year 12 participated in a day of team-building activities and open debate at the ‘Centro Municipal de la Esfera’ in Alcobendas, Madrid.  Nine schools were represented and the event took place from 9.30a.m. to 7.30pm. Olalla, Ana, Pilar, Luca, Nicolas and Jesus were involved in making speeches and taking part in discussions about nine different topics. The themes ranged from low voter turnout in European Parliament elections, to the EU’s Agricultural and Trade Policy, the Freedom of the Press, Copyright Infringement of the Media, Climate Change, Political Corruption and Military Intervention in the Middle East and North Africa. A student from Year 13, Sol, was also a principal organiser of the event.

The students are judged on their use of English and are expected to demonstrate a high level of fluency. The team as a whole has to participate and be able to express their own viewpoint and ask questions. Participants are required to have investigated the different themes beforehand and demonstrate a good level of general knowledge. All have to show correct behaviour in respecting other people’s viewpoints and listening attentively to these opinions.

The involvement and hard work of all six students were responsible for the school being awarded one of the top three positions. The judges decided that the best three students from Hastings School were Olalla, Jesus and Luca. As a result of this success they have been invited to the Valencia National Selection 2014 to be held from April 24th to April 27th 2014.