Hastings Sobradiel inauguration

Last Thursday 9th March we celebrated the inauguration of Sobradiel. With the lovely weather matching the mood of the parents and staff that shared with us this moment we started this short but emotive event. Our Upper Key Stage 2 choir performed two songs: Spin round and the famous song by Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah. Ably led by Ms. Fernández, the children made an impressive performance and parents showed their excitement with a big round of applause that was heard in the whole Parque Conde de Orgaz neighbourhood.

After this performance, an ex-pupil of Hastings School, Mikey Mondéjar, recited a couple of poems inspired by his life at Hastings and how things change when you are older. You can buy his book of poems here, by the way!

A short speech by our Head of Primary – she even started with a sentence in Spanish to show her progress – highlighting the incredible work that all the Hastings staff of this campus is performing to make Sobradiel looks great day after day that was followed by a few words of a very young couple of our lovely students to express their feelings and emotions when they first got to Hastings back in September coming from England and how fast they have settled down and have made friends.

Many thanks to all the staff that have made this beautiful campus look great after six months. We hope that all parents that visited us yesterday enjoyed the event and spent a good moment with other members of the Hastings community.