Hastings Students Achieve Excellent Results

This has been a very strange year with no exams taken and a huge political backlash in the UK following the release of results.

The result of all of this? Outstanding grades (as teachers had, quite rightly, been very positive in their predictions) and excellent university places achieved. So the Year 11 and 13 students have finally, after months of bad luck, had some good luck which I am sure we all agree is much deserved. Well done to everyone!


  • 43% of grades were awarded at A*.
  • 77% of grades were awarded A* or A.
  • 100% of grades were awarded A*-C.
  • 64% of students obtained five or more A* and A grades
  • 44% of students obtained eight or more A* and A grades
  • Six students (out of a cohort of 53) obtained eight or more A* grades

At A level:

  • 20% of grades were awarded at A*
  • 80% of grades were awarded A*-B
  • 62% of students obtained two or more A* and A grades
  • 11 students obtained four or more A* and A grade

Well done to everyone who worked so hard to obtain such excellent grades!