Hastings wins the regional session of The European Youth Parliament

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) Madrid regional session took place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th February. It involved 6 students from Year 12 who volunteered to participate: Rebeca C., Isabel J., Alberto M., Teresa R, Alicia D. and Jorge P. They were involved in team building activities first on Saturday morning and then worked in Committee- writing resolutions.  Sunday was the General Assembly when the students made speeches and debated the different resolutions. As well as Hastings, there were seven other schools including Liceo Europeo, Colegio San Patricio, Colegio Virgen de Europa, among others.

The committees were on Climate Affairs/ Employment and Social Affairs/ Transport and Tourism/ Economics and Monetary Affairs / Development / Culture and Education / Constitutional Affairs. They were debating issues such as fossil fuels, Europe’s aging population, security in cross border transport, income disparity, humanitarian assistance, protection of linguistic diversity, government accountability.

Hastings was successful in being selected as one of the two winning schools who will attend the Spanish National session in April in Córdoba. Three students: Rebeca, Alberto and Jorge were chosen by independent judges to represent the school.