Interdisciplinary Community Project in Key Stage 3

During our last two school weeks, our Key Stage 3 students (Year 7, 8 and 9) were immersed in an Interdisciplinary Community Project in which they needed to put into practice our Hastings learning habits as well as applying their subject knowledge to solve problems in the real world.

Students attended different workshops in the first 4 days to introduce the project idea and the specific requirements from each subject area. This led into more independent group work in the second stage in order to reach their final product after 8 school days (end of step 5). Teachers were acting as advisors in this process, discussing ideas with students and guiding them in a different school context. After that, we completed 3 days of reflection activities along with evaluations of the projects, completed by the students and teachers (step 6). We believe that the ‘cycle’ concept is fundamental to facilitate students’ progress; therefore, this reflection process should allow students to start future projects further equipped to succeed.

Each group aimed to come up with a digital product (in a MS Sway format) to present their work. This product needed to include at least their goal and justification of the need in the selected community, information about the context (Maths, Sociales and Geography), a logo (Art), a recordedFrench Song (French and Music), an interview, an article, a podcast (only for Y8 and Y9), an advert (only for Y8 and Y9), and a speech to present their creation (Lengua, English and Drama). Projects were evaluated based on the defined success criteria:

  • Clear and challenging goal
  • Interesting and engaging project
  • Aesthetics, visually pleasant
  • Innovative project
  • Communication in the Sway content and the speech

We want to congratulate the winning teams as well as all the students (62 teams in total!) who worked very hard and brought amazing ideas in their projects, which is even more impressive during this challenging term learning from home!