Lorenzo Solano Tendero (Arturo Soria)

Lorenzo Solano Tendero Key Information

Ages Taught7 – 9 & 11 – 18 years old
Year Groups TaughtYear 3 & 4 – Year 7 to Year 13
Programme TaughtKS2, KS3, IGCSE and A/AS Levels

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Head of Secondary's Welcome

Dear Parents and Students,

This is our new spacious six-floor converted building located in a residential area within a few hundred metres of the Arturo Soria metro station. From September 2016 our Year 10 to Year 13 examination groups are attending Hastings here. They are taught by our regular team of UK qualified and experienced teachers, plus our Spanish qualified staff who offer the obligatory Spanish language and humanities courses to our pupils up to Year 11 and the optional Spanish university preparation classes to those senior pupils who choose these classes.

There are 3 well-equipped and modern science laboratories, a 60 square metre art studio, a wireless computer room, a well-resourced library, a separate study area for our Year 12 and Year 13 pupils, a multi-use space (indoor fitness, dance, assemblies), and an indoor theatre. Physical education lessons are being offered in nearby rented sports facilities and our pupils use school bus transportation to travel there and back.

This is an exciting feature of our expansion programme. Our senior pupils are based in this excellent fit-for-purpose installation. This should only add to our current levels of success in terms of future university destinations where our most successful pupils go on to attend top UK universities every year, and where we are very proud of the fact that every Year 13 pupil at Hastings finishes with university options in the UK, in Spain, or both!

Neil Tetley

Kind regards,

Neil Tetley
Principal and Head of Secondary

Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 11
28043, Madrid

Metro: Arturo Soria (L4)
Bus line: 11, 70, 122

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All bus routes may be subject to changes during the year for reasons beyond our control.

Should you be interested in the coach service, please feel free to contact Ms. Lucía Novo on lucia.n@hastingsschool.com or by phone, 607 995 764.

In September 2016, this new building located in Arturo Soria became our Key stage 4 site and the Sixth Form (14 to 18 year old). This new campus is only 1,5 km. away from the new Sobradiel campus.

This structure will progress in the future with a final objective of having a configuration that will comprise from Key Stage 3 until 6th form (11 to 18 year old). The main areas to emphasize are:

  • An outdoor play space of 3,000 m2 and 800 m2 of outdoor play area
  • A capacity of 450 place organized in 18 different sizes classrooms.
  • Indoor theatre and multi-media space for an audience capacity of 100 people
  • A dining room area (190 places), which can become a multi-use space for presentations, ceremonies and fairs
  • Two libraries (1 for Primary and 1 for Secondary)
  • A multi-use space for fitness, music, aerobics and dance
  • Three laboratories fully equipped with 24 seats
  • A Sixth Form study area

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View more about our Sixth Form Facilities.

From September 2016, pupils from Year 10 on are populating this new building.

In the first three years of the Secondary School pupils follow a range of national curriculum subjects. In addition, Spanish language and humanities (sociales) are taught according to the requirements of the Spanish Ministry of Education, while those new to the language are offered support classes at their level. Pupils also follow a comprehensive personal and social education programme, covering areas such as citizenship, health, careers, and study skills.

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In the Sixth Form, the academic ‘jump’ from IGCSE to AS level is considerable and the level and intensity of the student workload increases significantly. This means that students need to be well-organised, be able to work independently and self-motivate, whilst also seeking and following advice from teaching staff. Using free time well, both in and out of school, is all part of the post-16 learning curve. Students are therefore expected to carry out homework, coursework, wider reading and research and dedicate approximately 4 -5 hours’ work beyond the classroom per week, per subject.

View more about our Sixth Form curriculum.

Neil TetleyPrincipal | Head of Secondary 
Helen OrmerodAssitant Principal | Head of Primary
Aled ThomasExaminations Officer | Economics & Business TeacherA Level, IGCSE
Andrés AguayoEnglish TeacherKS3, KS4
Andrew JannettaHead of FrenchKS4, KS5
Andrew McEachenAssistant Head of Sixth Form | Head of Science | Biology TeacherA Level, IGCSE
Anna BrickleScience TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Anne LydonEnglish Teacher | Drama TeacherKS3
Antonio AsensioPE TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Benjamin MilnesMathematics TeacherKS3, IGCSE, A Level
Blanca OssetPhotography, Art & Design TeacherKS3, A Level, IGCSE
Carmela JonesHead of ICTA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Claudio MastrangeloSixth Form Assistant 
Cristina GascaLearning Support 
David O’ConnorComputer Science TeacherA Level, IGCSE
David Olivares PachecoSpanish Teacher for Biología, Matemáticas, Química (PCE)KS5
Debbie RichardsEnglish TeacherKS3, IGCSE, A Level
Ernesto MormeneoSpanish Teacher for Geografía e Historía y Fase Específica, Dibujo Técnico (PCE) | HoD SpanishKS3, KS5
Gary CookLearning Support Coordinator 
Grace ConroyHead of Physical EducationKS3, KS4, KS5
Graham OrmerodGeography & History TeacherKS3
Hal PattendenChemistry Teacher 
Javier Pérez PrietoSpanish Teacher for LenguaKS3
Jo Elliott-MellEnglish Teacher KS3, KS4, KS5
Julie ColomièsFrench TeacherKS3, KS4
Julie OakleyHead of 6th Form | French Teacher | Careers and UK Universities AdvisorIGCSE
Lara PlansSpanish Teacher for Geografía e HistoríaKS3, KS4
Leah SmithGeography Teacher A Level, IGCSE, KS3
Lesley ClarkHead of Humanities | History TeacherA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Linda CarruthersDeputy Head of Secondary (Pastoral) | Head of Art, Design & PhotographyA Level, IGCSE
Marta PérezHead of Character Development | PE TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Melody SunmanKS3 Coordinator | Maths TeacherKS3
Michael ConnollyScience & Maths TeacherKS3
Michael McSherryScience Teacher KS3, KS4, KS5
Milagros RomeraSpanish Teacher for Lengua y LiteraturaKS3, KS4, KS5
Nancy RaffinFrench TeacherKS3, KS4, KS5
Nuria LunaLaboratory Technician 
Rafa CarrascoSpanish Teacher for Lengua and Geografía e Historía KS3, KS4
Ramón AmorósArt TeacherKS3, KS4
Rosa MartínezScience TeacherA Level, IGCSE, KS3
Rose BryantDeputy Head of Secondary (Academic) | English Literature Teacher | Drama and Theatre TeacherA Level
Sam ZeitoHead of Maths | Maths TeacherKS4, KS5
Stephen KnightMusic TeacherKS3, KS4
Susana GarcíaKS4 Coordinator |Spanish Teacher for Geografía e Historía & Spanish (MFL)A Level, KS4, KS3
Tony LyonsScience TeacherKS4, KS5
Vicky WrightTeaching and Learning Coordinator | Head of EnglishA Level, IGCSE
Victoria Harris Business and Economics TeacherKS4, KS5
Wilfred ManjengwaAssistant Head of Maths (KS3 and KS4 focus) | Maths TeacherKS3, IGCSE, A Level
James DevlinTeacher assistant Lower KS2Primary
Jill OrmrodSupport TeacherPrimary
Patricia ArranzSpanish teacherPrimary
Ruth InglesonYear 3 teacherPrimary

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