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THINK Primary #8 Collaboration

At Hastings, we have identified collaboration as one of the 8 learner habits we specifically want children to develop to be fulfilled, successful learners. Why


THINK Primary #7 Oracy

What do we mean by oracy? Oracy is to speaking, what numeracy is to mathematics, or literacy is to reading and writing. Essentially, it’s about being able to


THINK Primary #6 | Resilience

What is Resilience? We hear a lot about resilience these days, particularly connected to mental health and well-being. One dictionary defines resilience as: “The ability to be happy


THINK Primary #4 | Praise

PRAISE – Getting it right! There is a bank of research evidence pointing to the fact that we have to be really careful with how


THINK Primary #3 | Questions

QUESTIONS– Why we need to teach children to be good questioners and what makes a good question     “Judge a man by his questions