Parent talks

These talks address important topics related to both teaching and parenting. As one of the greatest schools in Madrid, Spain, as we are, we will try to answer frequently asked questions by putting forth our teaching methods, and explaining the different ways in which you can incorporate diverse aspects of these methods into the home environment.
At the same time, you will be able to share your own experiences with other parents and thus learn from one another.

Talks will be given in English. Speakers will accept comments in Spanish and they can clarify or respond to questions in Spanish.


First Term 2019/2020

Reading at Hastings

Bendición de Campos
17th September
19.00 h

This is a general talk for parents of primary-aged pupils on how you can help at home to support your child with reading. We will talk about the early stages of reading, the different types of reading books, library books and reading homework. Please confirm attendance by emailing 

Presented by Ms Ormerod, Assistant Principal and Head of Primary 

Teaching Reading in Early Years

Bendición de Campos
9th October
18.30 h

The session will introduce parents to how we teach your children to read at school and also provide examples and tips of how you can support your child with reading at home.

For parents and tutors with children in Early Years
Presented by Ms Duffy, Deputy Head of Primary 

Monitoring and improving every child’s achievement: assessment, tracking and support at Hastings

Manuel Marañon 8
15th October

We’ll cover the type of data we collect from regular testing of all children, and how it’s used. At different points in your child’s school life we use different methods and tests to monitor their performance, set expectations and plan improvements. We’ll look at how this process works at each Key Stage, and at the Response to Intervention model for boosting achievement where we find that a child is underperforming.

Presented by Mr Cook (Learning Support Coordinator) and Ms Smith (Head of Data, Academic Administration and Geography).