These talks address important topics related to both teaching and parenting. We will try to answer frequently asked questions by putting forth our teaching methods, and explaining the different ways in which you can incorporate diverse aspects of these methods into the home environment.
At the same time, you will be able to share your own experiences with other parents and thus learn from one another.
Places are limited and you must confirm attendance through our Family Club site on the school’s webpage. Your request will be processed on a first-come first-served basis

Please use the form at the bottom of the page to book onto our Parent Talks.

Calendar 2016/2017

Assessment for Learning (Bendición)

25th January

For parents and tutors with children in Early Years and Primary
Presented by Ms. Fiona Chapman, experienced teacher and Deputy Head of Primary

At 19:00 hours in Bendición de Campos
Seats limited to 40 people

Internet: a problem or a solution? (LST)

9th February

For parents and tutors with children in Primary and Secondary
Presented by Miguel Cristobal, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Healthy Works
At 19:00 hours in Lorenzo Solano Theatre
Seats limited to 40 people


Promoting True Communication in the Early Years (Bendición de Campos)

23rd March

A guide for parents on how to build your children’s communication skills at home. We’ll look at the stages of early language development, practical examples of activities, and tips for positive interaction including the way you speak to you child and interact with him or her.

For parents and tutors with children in Early Years and Primary
Presented by Mr. Gary Cook, Learning support coordinator at Hastings School.
At 19:00 hours in Bendición de Campos

Seats limited to 40 people

The Sixth Form Experience at Hastings

23rd May

At the end of Key Stage 4, most Hastings pupils will continue to study at Key Stage 5 in our Sixth Form. This is a two year pre- university programme of study involving AS and A Levels in a reduced number of subjects and complimentary Spanish university preparation classes alongside. In the Sixth Form, the academic ‘jump’ from IGCSE to AS and A Level is considerable and the level and intensity of the student workload increases significantly. In addition to their academic programme, as part of a student’s Sixth Form experience at Hastings, they are encouraged to take part in our Sixth Form Enrichment Programme and take on young leadership opportunities and they will also receive comprehensive careers and university guidance. Come along and find out more!

For parents and tutors with children in Primary and Secondary
Presented by Ms. Julie Oakley, Head of Sixth Form at Hastings School.
At 17:00 hours in the Lorenzo Solano Tendero teathre.
Seats limited to 40 people

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