Summer School 2018

Have fun this summer while learning in English in the city of Madrid! Aimed at children from 2 to 14 years old

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Why choose Hastings Summer School?

Hastings School Summer Programme is one of the best options for those who seek a practical and effective way of learning by means of the recognised British methodology and becoming totally bilingual. We aim to form individuals who will be able to face the future without problems. We put all this into practice in our summer programme, the main aim of which is to provide the children with a unique and valuable experience in every way.

Our Summer School course offers a varied and balanced programme, based mainly on different rotational workshops.  These workshops have been put together by teachers, bearing in mind the specific needs of the children in each age group.

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English workshops

Children learn English in a didactic and enjoyable manner, using a wide range of resources, which guarantee they will always feel highly motivated. We frequently use games, songs, videos and interactive programmes in order to attain high standards of learning.

Sports and Games

Our goal is that all children take part in physical outdoor activities. As far as the youngest ones are concerned, we aim to improve their motor skills, and in the case of the older children, our objective is to develop their sports skills so that they can participate in either team sports or singles.

Cookery workshop

A great way of learning how to make simple recipes whilst speaking in English under adult supervision. Children over the age of 4 will cook in a real fully-equipped kitchen as specified under the National British Curriculum (British Educational Law).

Theatre workshop

Under professional guidance, children will learn techniques which will allow them to develop their self-esteem and imagination.

Craft workshop

Aimed at helping children unfold their artistic and creative talents by using different techniques and materials.

Music workshop

This complements all the other workshops. Here children will be able to work on their musical potential using the English language – another fun and interactive way of improving both learning