The Global Fund for Children visit Hastings School

As you may know, earlier this week Hastings welcomed representatives from Cognita and The Global Fund for Children (GFC), the international not-for-profit organisation which works to improve the dignity and educational opportunities of vulnerable children worldwide.

The visit by Margaret Kubicek, Cognita Group Communications Manager, and Danielle Bidos, GFC Development Officer, was an opportunity for our students to learn more about GFC’s work around the world and how the money our school has raised is being put to good use. Sessions were held throughout the day and included examples of GFC projects, in particular those in Nepal that were affected by the major earthquakes there earlier this year.

Our school’s support for GFC is part of the groupwide partnership between Cognita schools and GFC. Hastings and other Cognita schools have a strong tradition of charitable fundraising, and the partnership with GFC does not replace this important work. Rather it provides a common cause for all Cognita schools and offices to support in the belief that together, we can achieve more.
The partnership also provides opportunities, such as the visit this week, for our students to learn more about the issues and challenges affecting many children in other parts of the world.
Last June during our Fifth 7-aside football tournament a group of Hastings pupils sold refreshments and T-shirts designed by a Hastings’ student and collected 671€ which was sent to GFC.

For more information about the Cognita-GFC partnership, watch this video or visit the Cognita website. You can learn more about GFC on the GFC website, including this slideshow explaining how money raised was used to support projects in Nepal that were affected by the earthquakes earlier this year.