The time has finally come…Hastings Forest has been a complete success

On Wednesday 9th March, around 40 of our students, from various eco committees, were accompanied by staff and visited a beautiful spot in Hoyo de Manzanares in order to begin our journey with our Hastings Forest Plantation. Our friends at PLANTALO.ORG helped us plant the first 54 trees for our plantation, including one olive tree as a symbol of peace for Ukraine.

Sustainability is a key priority at Hastings School and embarking on this Hastings Forest project is just one of our ways of helping the environment and becoming more sustainable. As well as this, we are using Hastings Forest as a way of celebrating our 50th anniversary.

On Wednesday, our students and staff planted the first 50 trees of the 800 that we plan to plant in the future. The whole school community had the chance to sponsor a tree in Hastings Forest which meant that each sponsor received a certificate and had their names put up on a special honours board. This not only helps generate awareness of climate change in a practical and direct way, so we don’t just talk about the problem, but also means that we become an active part of the solution, by creating a new ecosystem of native trees.

Evidence from all over the world shows that being a sustainable school raises standards and enhances young people’s well-being: sustainable schools engage young people in their learning, thereby improving motivation and behaviour, plus saving resources such as energy and water has a positive impact on the environment.

The children had a wonderful time, everybody got involved and their teamwork was fantastic to see. They were able to learn lots of interesting information about the area from our friends at PLANTALO.ORG such as the different kinds of wildlife there and how trees grow over the years. Our staff were extremely helpful and were not afraid to get dirty with the children – even Mr Tetley got involved!

We can’t wait to plant the rest of the trees and see the plantation become Hastings Forest for many years to come.

Well done everyone!