Year 6 Transition to Secondary

As part of our transition to secondary, Year 6 visited Lorenzo Solano Tendero campus and took part in a day full of fun and excitement.  They were met by Ms Sunman who did an assembly to welcome them.

The children then followed a timetable for the day with some Year 7 helpers to ensure that no one got lost in the new building! They went to inspiring taster lessons in Art, History, Science and PE. Here are some of their comments:

Rafa said, ‘With Mr Connolly we did a very cool lesson with magnifying glasses and a microscope!’

Art was fun,’ Nikhil said, and ‘Ms Osset was very kind.’

Jorge liked Ms Clarke because he liked finding out where she had been. ‘She has visited many places!’

Carlota had a great time with Mr Asensio, saying, ‘I loved playing baseball and where we did PE… there was so much space!’

Lunch was a new experience in the huge open space of the LST lunch room, followed by playtime in the tennis court and playground. Year 7 helpers were on hand in the afternoon for a question and answer session so that Year 6 could ask as many questions as possible.  It was a really enjoyable day and it has made Year 6 even more confident moving to secondary in September. Thank you to everyone involved.