University Offers 2021, heading to elite universities

Hastings students achieved great success regarding elite UK applications with students gaining offers from 80% of UK top ten universities. Hastings is now firmly established as a school who receives offers from the best universities in the UK, including Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, King’s College London, St Andrews, Durham, Manchester and Edinburgh. Students easily surpassed last year’s strong final figures by amassing 48 offers from UK Top Ten universities and a total of 91 offers from Russell Group universities.  

Internationally, Hastings students again surpassed previous years, making applications and securing interviews with elite US universities such as Yale, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, Stanford and Johns Hopkins. We also have a confirmed offer from one of the oldest universities in Europe, Leuven, the number one university in Belgium, nine applications to one of the top two universities in Ireland (Trinity College and University College, Dublin), and a marked increase in applications to the Netherlands too. We are expecting many places to be confirmed at Spanish universities once the A level results are announced in August. 

As examples of the successful elite applications that have been made this year, here are further details from some current Year 13 students. All the universities referenced below are either UK Top Ten or Russell Group universities in the UK or global elite destinations –  

Jaime is currently holding offers from the best universities in the Netherlands and the UK. He has recently chosen University of Manchester as his firm choice, where he will read Chemistry, with Imperial College London as his insurance option, thus being in the enviable position of turning down excellent offers from the aspirational University of Edinburgh and Warwick University. 

Charles only made applications to the UK, and currently holds offers from the University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh and University of Bristol, with St Andrews University still pending. Charles is expecting to take his place to read Land Economy at Trinty Hall, Cambridge. 

Carmen is currently holding offers from IE University here in Spain on their very competitive PPLE (Politics, Philosophy, Law and Economics) course, but is likely to choose to study in the UK, where she is currently being fêted by Durham University, University of Edinburgh and University College London to read International Relations, while awaiting news from St Andrews University. 

Javier was the first student in his year group to achieve a full set of five offers, all of which are from UK top ten or Russell Group universities – University of Bath, Lancaster University, University of Exeter, Loughborough University and University of Warwick. Javier is expecting to confirm his choice of University of Warwick to read International Management soon. Javier also holds offers from private universities here in Madrid. 

Out of the 32,900 students who applied, Celia made it through to the final waitlist for Yale University in the USA. Celia also holds offers from the Netherlands and is well on course to meet the strictest requirements for public universities here in Spain to read Physics. As a holder of offers from the universities of University of EdinburghUniversity of ManchesterImperial College London and University of Warwick too, Celia has an excellent range of opportunities ahead of her. 

Vanshika is holding an impressive set of offers from the UK, including such aspirational choices as the University of St Andrews, University of Bath and University of Warwick, as well as an excellent offer to read Economics and International Relations here in Spain from IE University. 

On the cusp of being one step closer to fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a vet, Gonzalo is well on course to take his place to read Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin, while also holding offers two offers from universities in Canada. 

Adelaida will be reading International Relations at an elite university next year, the only issue remaining is which to choose! She holds offers from King’s College London, Durham University and the University of Edinburgh. Additionally, she made a successful application to study here at IE University. 

Robert is another student to have accepted Imperial College London as his firm choice, with the University of Manchester as his insurance choice, turning down offers from University of Bath and University of Southampton. Robert will be reading Civil Engineering. 

Nuria has received excellent offers to read Design Engineering from Imperial College London, as well as Architecture at the UK top ten options of University of Bath and Lancaster University. Nuria plans to take her place at Imperial College London in September.  

Antonio is the proud holder of an offer to read Engineering Technology at the prestigious KU Leuven in Belgium; Antonio is an example of Hastings students taking advantage of the wide range of excellent course options available across Europe and the world which are taught in English. 

Thomas is spoilt for elite choice to read Mechanical Engineering next year. He holds offers from King’s College London and the University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Bristol and University of Manchester 

Diego will be reading Physics next year having received offers from King’s College LondonUniversity College LondonUniversity of Edinburgh and the University of Manchester. A very strong position to be in. 

Marko holds offers of full scholarships in Belgium based on his excellent sporting prowess, as well as his very strong academic record. Similarly, Marko could have made a very strong application to the US, but has ultimately decided to stay in Spain; he now holds has a very good offer to read Economics at IE University. 

Sophia has now received offers from University of Warwick, Durham UniversityUniversity of BathLancaster University and the University of Manchester to read an International Relations and Development degree. 

Alicia has recently successfully received the offer she was hoping for from the University of Leiden, to match her offer from the University of Amsterdam, two of the top three universities in the Netherlands. She also holds further offers across Europe, and will have an enviably tough choice deciding which option to take.  

Nicolás is confidently working towards meeting the points requirement to be able to start a Mechanical Engineering degree at Trinity College Dublin. This would give him even more options than the offers he already holds from the University of Edinburgh, University of Bath and University of Sheffield. 

Yago has already made successful applications to top private universities in Spain but is likely to choose one of the two offers he is currently holding from Durham University to read Finance or Business and Management. Alternatively, he could opt to go north of the border and take up his place at Glasgow University or the University of Edinburgh. 

Applications to Spanish public universities will be confirmed in the summer, but we have a strong cohort of students who we are confident will get the points they need to take their aspirational places at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid 

These students are just a few examples of the depth of offers that have been achieved so far from the best universities. Hastings students are currently holding a genuinely impressive 124 offers from UK Top Ten and/or Russell Group universities, in addition to more university offers than are listed above from the USA, France, Canada, Germany, Austria and Italy.