Year 10 and 11 Berlin Trip

History IGCSE students from Hastings School were in Berlin from Monday 27th April to  Friday 1st May when they returned to Madrid.  It was a very enjoyable experience – with the group having a three hour walking tour with an English guide to start off the visit. Other highlights included a guided tour of the Reichstag building, finishing off with a night view over the city from the rooftop and dome.

Maria from Year 10 wrote, “On the 27th of April 2015, I went with my class to Berlin, it was a wonderful trip. We visited the German Olympic Stadium, the Sachsenhausen Concentration camp and many other very interesting things such as the Berlin Wall – well, what’s left of it. Berlin is a very modern city, full of new constructions.”

Irinka from Year 11 said, “For me the highlight of the trip was visiting the concentration camp because we were able to experience first-hand the atrocities committed by the Nazis and the awful conditions that the prisoners were kept in. I also liked the Story of Berlin exhibition and the nuclear bunk.”

Another Year 10 student, Eli wrote, “Going to Berlin with the school is an advantage because we got to see the secrets of Germany’s war and past. I’m very glad I got to see it. It was also fun.”

Lucia, also of Year 10 felt she “also liked that German people reminded everyone how brutal the camps were and how the things that the Nazis did can’t be forgotten.”