Year 11 pupils’ trip to Berlín

16 students from Year 11 and 2 teachers travelled to Berlin on Monday October 17th for an excursion as part of the IGCSE History course. In the 5 days spent there, the group visited many museums, the Reichstag, a concentration camp and the Olympic Stadium to help their understanding of key events for the Depth Study, Germany 1918-45. Despite the cold weather, Hastings students were able to travel extensively around the city and made good use if the time available.

Some of the feedback from students:

‘I really liked our trip to Berlin. We visited a lot of museums and historical sites which helped our learning experience. We had a very busy schedule and made the most of our time.’ Lila

‘I really enjoyed being able to check out all of the History of a city which once was the epicentre of a fight between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. It was really impressive to see all of those iconic places you normally see in movies, standing right in front of you and realising all the events it has passed through.’ Jose Luis

‘The Berlin trip was a fun experience. We were able to learn with much more understanding and depth and be able to enjoy ourselves at the same time. I hope we can do more trips like these …’ Tara

Berlin was an outstanding and complete trip where we able to see the most significant places of the city. I enjoyed the visits to the nuclear shelter, the concentration camp and the Reichstag.’ Alberto.