Year 13 pupils attend a talk about “Global climate change and the effects on the Arctic”

Dr. Geoffrey D. Abbott
Reader in Organic Geochemistry.
School of Natural and Environmental Sciences.
Newcastle University.

Dr Geoff Abbott (Newcastle University) gave a talk to sixth formers about an exciting new research project on “Global climate change and the effects on the Arctic

Dr Abbott said “Our project will focus on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, the seafloor, which is by no means the boring, dark environment it might be perceived as.

It is, in fact, a complex ecosystem teeming with life, and it plays an extremely important role in Arctic biodiversity, food webs, the recycling of nutrients back into the overlying water, and the long-term burial of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide as dead organic material.

Our team will, without doubt, have the muddiest job on the upcoming RRS James Clark Ross expedition, but someone needs to do it – and we love it.”

The year 13 biology students had been studying biodiversity, classification and conservation. Their teacher, Mr McEachen says “One of the biggest threats to biodiversity is climate change. In order to combat climate change, we need to know what causes it to see if there are steps we can take to lessen its impact or perhaps even prevent it altogether in the future.

In order to measure the changes in our environment, we need people like Dr Geoff Abbot and his team to do the investigating. He very kindly came to our school to talk about what he and his team do.”

If any students are interested in studying Earth Sciences at Newcastle University, feel free to contact Dr. Abbott here:
Phone: +44 (0)1912086608

Details of the cruise and the research programme can be found at: