Year 3 trip to El Prado museum

On Monday 24th October Year 3 children from Bendición de Campos and Lorenzo Solano Tendero visited the Prado Museum to support and inspire learning related to their ‘Spain’ topic, from the new creative curriculum.

During the visit, the children had the opportunity to view and learn about Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez and The Parasol by Francisco Goya. Both paintings feature in one of Year 3’s key texts, ‘Katie and the Spanish Princess’.


At the Prado, the children worked with Ms Carruthers, the Head of Art in secondary, and six of her Year 12 A-Level Art students. The Year 12 students acted as guides for the children and helped to support their understanding of the art work. They taught them all about the history and context of Las Meninas, as well as the painting techniques used by Velázquez to create the image. Therefore, in addition to the Year 3 children benefitting from the visit, the trip provided the Year 12 students with the opportunity to extend their own Art History knowledge and to develop their research and presentation skills.

The trip coincided with the British half-term holiday and so the museum was very busy with visitors from the UK who were interested to see and hear our children discussing and learning about the paintings in English. Many people offered positive comments to the group and wanted to find out what the children were drawing and why. They commented on how well behaved the children were and mentioned how wonderful it is to see them being so enthusiastic about art at such a young age, and what a great idea it is to use a book as the starting point for cross curricular work.