Year 8 and 9 trip to Gredos

This month of October our pupils in Year 8 and 9 went to Gredos and had an excellent three-days trip. They played a lot of games, practised diffents sports and activites and had the opportunity to go outside and enjoy the nature.
In their own words, this is what they enjoyed the most:

Year 8 pupils

‘The best things about Gredos’ trip was being in a room with my friends, doing archery and the team building games’

‘Having a cabin just for boys and being around nature and wild. But specially playing football”

‘The food chaing game, the archery and the last night party was the best’

Year 9 pupils

‘I loved Gredos. It was really fun and I enjoyed every activity. Some of them were learning activities like the biogeography which was very interesting. I also obviously liked the archery and the games. I think Gredos was great and being in the countryside with friends is amazing!’

‘This year at Gredos center has been very exciting. It has been my favourite school trip ever! From the first day, I started learning very interesting facts about ecosystems in La sierra de Gredos. I also learned about landart  when we were doing the art activity. Not only was I learning a lot, I was having lots of fun!’