About Us

Hastings School, international school in Madrid

Hastings School is a prestigious British school established in 1971 that is made up of six different sites in the centre of Madrid. We teach the English national curriculum to pupils aged 2-18, including GCSE, AS and A Level examinations.

At Hastings School we are committed to providing high quality education for all our students. We want our students to get outstanding grades and go on to top universities, but we want more than that. We want to help our students develop the skills and attributes they will need in a world where many jobs will be automated and distinctly ´human´ qualities – creativity, curiosity, collaboration – will be prized above all else.

We want to help students develop a sense of responsibility, concern for fellow pupils, and respect for the school and its community. We aim to uphold humanistic moral values and foster understanding, tolerance of, and curiosity for other cultures. We develop concern for the environment, inter-personal confidence and proficiency, and we encourage the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, so our graduates are both academically and emotionally equipped to construct and steer their own life project.

Hastings is a school where we aim to ensure that students...

/ care about each other and feel valued by their teachers. 

/ are curious about their learning and are passionate about the pursuit of knowledge and understanding. 

/ are given every chance to fulfil their academic potential and access top universities around the world.  

/ develop the attributes they will need to be successful at school, university and in life. Personal qualities such as collaboration, communication, resilience and a growth mindset are just as important as academic grades.  

/ become globally minded, multi-lingual young people who are culturally intelligent, able to empathise with the viewpoints of others and determined to help create a more just and sustainable world. 

Our Community

Here are some comments that our families shared with us in the last Annual Parent Survey 2021-22

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