British Primary

Primary Education: For children aged 5 - 11 years

We combine high academic standards with superb pastoral care to give our children the confidence and ability to succeed.

Our broad and balanced curriculum is designed to build upon the work started in Early Years and further equip our children with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make excellent progress.


British Primary School Curriculum

Our primary school follows the National Curriculum for England but we have adapted it for our context. This provides us with the opportunity to approach the curriculum in a completely different way.

We follow a topic-based approach, explicitly and implicitly making links between the different curriculum areas. We have selected a number of beautiful children’s books, many of which are picture books, to start each of our exciting topics.

Using these as springboards, teachers are able to cover the curriculum areas in creative and engaging ways. We start each topic with a Brilliant Beginning and end with a Fabulous Finish, giving pupils opportunities to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.

The children are explicitly taught to have good learner habits – we call this our Learning Power Approach.

We feel that this prepares our children for life beyond school and encouraging a growth mindset enables our pupils to respond positively to setbacks.

Our children are taught that mistakes are part of learning, a means to know how to improve and get better next time.

The use of technology is incorporated throughout the british primary curriculum and pupils from Year 3 have an individual iPad that they can use at school and at home.

Parents are able to see specific pieces of work, listen to teacher feedback and watch how learning develops through our classroom platform app.

8 Learner Habits

The school staff are very friendly and pay close attention to every detail, and support the family in every step.

–  Year 2 Pupil

English - More than just reading and writing

Cultivating a range of oracy, reading and writing skills

As a british primary school, we adopt a text-based approach to literacy, thoroughly exploring topic-based books to enable children to immerse themselves in the text and write for a range of purposes.

Weekly oracy sessions also allow children to engage in discussions and debate, encouraging them to think philosophically and ask thought-provoking questions. Opportunities for individual presentations additionally enable children to hone their speaking and listening skills in front of their peers.

English lessons are supplemented with phonics and spelling sessions plus daily reading with class teachers. Fine motor skills are developed through weekly handwriting lessons and are reinforced through extended writing projects.

As the children move up the school, early grammatical concepts are taught with a continued focus on spelling rules. Children also begin to engage in whole class reading sessions with a focus on emerging comprehension skills.

School life they'll love forever


Problem-solving and basic recall skills

In Maths, pupils cover pure and applied mathematics; number and algebra; shape, space, and measures; and handling data.

A further focus on conceptual understanding and verbal reasoning is embedded within the Numeracy curriculum to enhance competence in problem-solving.

This encourages our children to increase their confidence in problem-solving while also building on their fundamental skills.

Primary School Extra Curricular

We feel strongly that extra-curricular opportunities form a key part of a student's educational experience.

Sport is very important for young people so, in addition to the approximately two hours of curricular sport per week, we have provided a choice of extra-curricular opportunities.

We have specialist teachers at primary and are looking to develop what we offer each year.

Current clubs on offer:
Begin an unforgettable adventure

2 - 5 yrs old


5 - 11 yrs old


11 - 15 yrs old


15 - 18 yrs old

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