Inspection Reports

Inspection reports

Hastings School are inspected by the National Association of British Schools (NABSS). NABSS was set up by a group of leading British Schools in Spain in 1978 and ensures that accredited schools meet the requirements of the British National Curriculum and the British Council (British government).

Please find a copy of our latest inspection reports below and the highlights from the reports.


“The teacher-student relationships are very positive and contribute to a purposeful and inclusive learning environment. Students are focused and attentive. They have enough confidence to suggest a response or answer without the fear of making mistakes. The use of targeted questions by teachers encourages learners to take risks productively.“

NABSS Inspection 2019

“Hastings School provides a high quality British education for its pre-nursery class. The site provides welcoming and safe surroundings for both children and staff. Facilities are good and resources are adequate to implement the E.Y.F.S. curriculum. Warm relationships are fostered with the children who make good progress in a caring environment.”

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