British Preschool: Early Years

British Nursery School: For children aged 2 - 5 years

Our staff in Early Years are committed to giving every child a wonderful start to school life.

Every activity of british preschool is planned so that children can try things out for themselves, exploring and developing their capabilities along the way. We know that happy children make good learners, so our focus on Personal, Social and Emotional Development helps children to settle into school.

Why is it so important to start at Early Years?

Our Head of Early Years, Miss Duffy, explains why Early Years is a very important part of a child´s journey.

¨We provide our pupils with the opportunity to develop our values, and most importantly, to develop the love of learning . Welcome to Early Years."

- Emma Louise Duffy, Head of Early Years


British Preschool for a Bright Future

For our youngest children, teachers plan activities based on the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) which has seven areas of learning.

Through this curriculum children develop a positive sense of self and good relationships with others, skills to express themselves and have opportunities to speak and listen in a range of contexts. They enjoy being active, developing control, coordination and movement, make sense of their physical world by finding out about people, places, technology and the environment.

The children begin to:

• Link letters and sounds to read and write;
• Enjoy listening to and retelling stories;
• Develop skills in counting, problem solving, understanding and using numbers, shapes and simple measurements;
• Experience a wide range of materials and media through art, music and movement.

The classrooms and outside spaces are set up to encourage child-initiated learning in all the different areas complemented by adult-led focused activities. Parents are able to see what their children are doing in the classroom through our online journal and get an understanding of how the areas of learning are interlinked.

Outdoor learning is a key element of the EYFS and classrooms all have an enclosed outdoor space and children are able to choose to work outside or inside.

The Seven Areas of Learning

He is my second child at school, and I am reassured daily that it is the best decision, not only academically speaking, but also in the treatment and follow-up of each student.

– Hastings Early Years Parent

Communication and language

We are an English language nursery school

The children of our british international preschool are immersed in English from day 1 and are encouraged to speak in English throughout the day. They learn songs and sounds, and their confidence in speaking improves so that very early on in Pre-Nursery school they are able to answer simple questions and follow routines.

Mark making and early writing are encouraged by having opportunities to write in all areas of learning, both indoors and outdoors. Letter formation and spelling is taught through phonics and children leave Early Years able to write simple sentences independently.

Each child’s progress is closely monitored so that we can introduce reading books when they are ready. We ensure that every child takes home a different book each week, so that they remain stimulated and engaged, and are always practising and extending their vocabulary.

Early Years in action

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