Character Development

Beyond grades

In addition to excellent academic results, we consider it essential to help young people develop the qualities and attributes they will need to succeed at school, university and in life beyond.

Good grades are important (and still the main way universities select candidates) but once a young person has obtained a university place or a job, it is their abilities to communicate well, solve problems they haven’t seen before, work with others, overcome difficulties and so on, that are far more important.

“Intelligence is what you use when you don’t know what to do.”

– Jean Piaget, child development psychologist

Learner Habits

Encouraging students to form good habits for future success

Hastings staff and students have worked together to come up with the 8 Learner Habits we feel students should develop during their time at school.

The way our teachers teach is vital in helping young people develop these qualities. We provide an environment where young people learn to think critically and creatively, work effectively with each other, take responsibility for their own learning and so on.

In addition, the wide range of extra-curricular activities and trips provide opportunities for students to extend their learning outside the classroom and develop their confidence.

Education can be a very passive experience where students learn to become dependent on their teachers for 'the answer'.

This approach can produce reasonable examination results but is not good preparation for real life. Hastings students need to learn to think for themselves, achieve true intelligence, and become well-rounded individuals.

8 Learner Habits

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