University & Beyond

Access the world’s best universities

Our graduating students from 2023 went to many of the world’s best universities including:

University of Cambridge
Oxford University
University of St Andrews
University College London
King's College London
London School of Economics
Imperial University
University of Edinburgh

Trinity College

Universidad Autónoma
Universidad Politécnica
Universidad de Navarra
IE University
Universidad Pontificia de Comillas

The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam
Eindhoven University
Delft University of Technology
Leiden University

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Looking to life beyond Hastings

At Hastings School, we passionately believe in helping each individual student apply to the best courses at top global universities.

Our dedicated university counsellor is on hand throughout every school day to answer student queries, guide applications, share resources and inspire the best applications. He is supported by a strong team of senior leadership, heads of department and the Spanish director técnico in order to best prepare students, not only in their final year of school, but throughout secondary.

As global university places become more competitive, Hastings School leads the way in investing early in each student’s university future, by offering a series of academic groups, specialist classes, support sessions and mentoring.

How do we prepare our students for top universities?
Students in grades 12 and 13 get a true taste of university life. They are not required to wear uniforms, they can leave for lunch, and they learn time management. This helps the student’s growth and development as they prepare for university

– Sixth form student

Elite Applications

Preparing for the world's top universities

Each year a large number of students join the elite application programme to help them prepare for applications to universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial in the UK, as well as the best universities in the USA, Europe and around the world.

These universities are looking for students with excellent grades but who are also able to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a passion for their subject that goes beyond the requirements of the curriculum. As such it is important that students start their preparation early and understand what they need to do to compete at this level.

Students and families are actively encouraged to engage through workshops, webinars, meetings and activities. The world’s best universities are a real option for proactive, engaged students. We have a proven track record and are building on this success year after year.

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