Transport To School

Getting here and getting home

We offer a reliable school transport service with professional drivers and monitors and a well-maintained fleet of vehicles to bring students safely and promptly to and from school.

For children, the journey to and from school in the school bus is an opportunity to socialise and make new friends from different classes or ages. For parents, it’s less time-consuming and helps decrease the additional traffic (and pollution) around the school grounds.

We offer eight bus routes (see details below) in addition to a free shuttle bus* between our sites.

If you would like to receive more information about our bus routes or shuttle services, please contact our operations team at:


*Contact the operations department for further information about the conditions of the service.

Route 1: Bendición de Campos to San Bernardo

Route 2: Lorenzo Solano Tendero to Campezo

Route 3: Bendición de Campos to Cardenal Herrera Oria

Route 4: Paseo de la Habana to Avda. de la Ciudad de Barcelona

Route 5: Sobradiel to Armada Española

Route 6: Pez Volador to Principe de Vergara

Route 7: Paseo de la Habana to

Route 8: Lorenzo Solano Tendero to Paseo de la Finca

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