Investing in your child’s future

The school fees are paid in ten instalments throughout the school year. Discounts are available for siblings. A 20% discount (for tuition fees, extra-curricular activities, lunch and transport) is applied to the third youngest child onwards.

Generally, food and transport are charged separately and will be itemised on your monthly invoice.

School Fees 2023-24

Year group
Monthly Fee
Nursery & Reception3-4872€
Year 151.002€
Year 2 to 46-81.047€
Year 5 & 69-101.103€
Year 7 & 811-121.280€
Year 9131.319€
Year 10141.446€
Year 11151.535€
Year 12 & Year 13(A-Level)16-171.650€
Year 12 & Year 13(IB)16-171.985€

Additional Fees 2023-24

Registration Fee (non-refundable single payment)

Pre-Nursery 950€ /Nursery 1.250€ /Reception 1.500€/ Y1 to Y13 1.850€
Siblings - contact with the Admissions Team for more information


166€ for Pre-Nursery
196€ for Nursery to Year 13


172€ for one-way
215€ for return journeys

Optional School Trips

We have a wide range of optional trips, both educational, sports and leisure, so that our students can continue to learn and enjoy themselves outside of Hastings School.

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