Academic Excellence

Helping every child fulfil their potential

At Hastings we aim to ensure that our students achieve excellent academic results and are able to access the best global universities. However, the way we do this is important. Learning should be an enjoyable, dynamic experience where students are challenged, required to solve problems and become accustomed to working with other people.

We're proud of our reputation for academic excellence. We're even prouder of our students.


We are very proud of the superb results of our students this year, both at IGCSE and A level

This was a tough year as the grade boundaries returned to pre-COVID levels and far fewer top grades were awarded in the UK and globally. However, Hastings' results remained remarkably high.

The fact that the results are so strong despite the vast majority of students working in their second (or third) language is impressive.

Well done to the students on all their hard work and thank you to the teachers who supported them.

These results have allowed our students to access many of the top universities in the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial.

Spanish and UK universities remain the most popular but the Netherlands is becoming the first choice for more students each year.

Under the guidance of Mr Beer (University Counsellor) and Mr Lopez (Director Técnico) students receive first-rate support in navigating the many exciting university options and choosing the one that is right for them.

Students leave here being ready for the 21st century. Their academic success is very important to us, but beyond their academic success, it is vital they are caring, curious individuals with a global outlook on life.

 – Jonathan Gunzi, Head of Secondary

Individualised Learning

Although we have small class sizes (average about 20 and maximum 24) it is still important to personalise the learning to make sure all students are supported and challenged.

More Abled and Talented

We want to ensure our most able students are academically stretched and excited by learning. In order to make competitive applications to the best universities around the world, students need to show a superb academic track record and an intellectual curiosity that demonstrates exploration beyond the classroom.

Learning Support

At Hastings we are committed to providing high quality education for all our students. For those with mild learning needs, we provide tailored support in the classroom as well as from our learning support team. If this is relevant to your child, please speak to the admissions team and they can arrange a meeting with the Head of Learning Support.

Learning Power Approach

Encouraging students to form good habits for future success

In order to fulfil our academic aims, the way we teach is very important. As such we have been working closely with world famous educationalist Guy Claxton on a teaching methodology, The Learning Power Approach, that aims to help students achieve outstanding results and become powerful learners, able to enjoy success at school, university and in life beyond. While a strong academic track record is important in helping young people obtain a job, it is almost entirely irrelevant in doing the job well! Young people need to be good communicators, able to work through problems successfully, strong at working in teams and so on.

'Internationally there are many schools I have worked with that teach in a way that gets good results and builds epistemic character. They include St Paul's School, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Hastings School, Madrid; Wellington International School, Dubai; United World College, Singapore; Dulwich College, Suzhou, China; and many others.' (The Future of Teaching - Guy Claxton)

To this end Hastings staff and students have worked together to come up with the 8 Learner Habits that we aim to help students develop during their time at school.

The 8 Learner Habits

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