Facilities & Location

An ecosystem of learning in cosy campuses for close attention at every stage of the learning journey

Hastings School is made of six different campuses, all located in the heart of Madrid. Three of these are in the district of Chamartín, each around five minutes walking from the others. The other three are situated in Arturo Soria and Conde Orgaz.

All of our school campuses can be easily accessed both by public transport and on foot.

Hastings Buildings Key


Paseo de la Habana - 2 to 5 yrs

Paseo de la Habana is a dedicated Early Years centre with one class of Pre-Nursery and three classes each of Nursery and Reception. It has a warm, caring atmosphere with a philosophy that children learn best at this age through play.

It is an immersive English environment - many students arrive with very little English and emerge speaking and understanding superbly.

Bendición de Campos - 5 to 9 yrs

Bendición de Campos is the next step for the children once they leave Paseo de la Habana. It has a family feel with all students known personally and cared for exceptionally.

It is well equipped with a music room, three smaller classrooms for support teaching, an indoor gym, a library, kitchen and dining room.

Azulinas - 9 to 11 yrs

This is the final campus for our Chamartín primary pupils. The personalised approach very much continues and again it is well equipped with an outdoor classroom, library, kitchen, dining room, and multi-purpose space (indoor fitness, assemblies, music and drama).

Physical education lessons are offered in a rented sports facility which is 200m away from the school gates.

Sobradiel - 2 to 11 yrs

In 2021, we refurbished and expanded our Sobradiel campus to create an inspirational teaching and learning space for our Early Years and Primary students.

A whole campus designed to guarantee an unbeatable working and learning environment with learning spaces created to encourage children’s curiosity, creativity and innovation. It has superb outdoor space, a library, a music room, a multi-purpose space, a kitchen and a dining hall.
* For the next academic year we are offering the possibility of attending part time for our Pre-Nursery children in our Sobradiel Campus.

Secondary Campus

Lorenzo Solano Tendero - 11 to 15 yrs

This is our spacious lower Secondary building within a few hundred metres of the Arturo Soria metro station.

There are 3 well-equipped and modern science laboratories, a 60 square metre art studio, a library, a multi-use space, an indoor theatre, a kitchen, dining hall and 5-a-side football pitch.

Pre-University Campus

Hastings Nexus - 15 to 18 yrs

Opened in 2019, this campus is wonderfully modern and innovative in design. The Nexus philosophy is that this stage of school should provide a genuine bridge between school and university, with students gaining both the academic qualifications and independence they will need to thrive at university.

It has state-of-the-art facilities with 3 science laboratories, 2 art studios, a photography studio, a sixth form social and study area and a cafeteria.

“Facilities, use of technology and small class sizes at Hastings Nexus, provide a great “pre-college” experience for students at Hastings”

– Year 13 Parent

Paseo de la Habana, 204

(+34) 91 359 06 21

  • Bus 14 (1 min walk) on C. Paseo de la Habana, metro Duque de Pastrana
Ronda de Sobradiel, 31-33

  • Bus 11, 70, 122, N3 (18 min walk) on C.de Arturo Soria.
Bendición de Campos, 5

  • Bus 150 (3 min walk) on C. de Fray Bernardino Sahagún, metro Plaza de Castilla
Azulinas, 8

(+34) 910 107 060

  • Bus 150 (4 min walk) on C. de Fray Bernardino Sahagún, metro Plaza de Castilla
Calle Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 11

  • Buses 11, 70 and 122 stop a 1 min walk from the school on C. de Arturo Soria.
  • Metro stop Arturo Soria is just a 5 min walk
Manuel Marañón – Secondary

(+34) 918 33 77 90

  • Bus 120, 122 (2 min walk) on C. del Moscatelar, metro Arturo Soria
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