Vision & Values

Caring about learning. Caring about people. Caring about the world.

Our vision is to ensure students are equipped to succeed at school, university and in life beyond. We want students to enjoy school, fulfil their academic potential and develop the skills and attributes they will need once they leave education: to work as part of a team, empathise with others, speak multiple languages, think critically and so on.

At Hastings we explicitly design our approach to education to help students develop these attributes and emerge ready to face the next phase of their life with confidence.

How we bring our vision to life

“What I value most is the affection of all the teachers towards my daughter together with their patience and dedication to her. In addition, her progress in learning is excellent”

– Year 1 Parent

Our vision and values shape the adult your child will become – and the world they will create.


We want to provide a safe space for students and help them develop a sense of responsibility to care for each other, the school community and the wider world. They should feel both cared for and that they have a duty to care for others.


We aim to help students be curious about the world – to enjoy learning and want to find out more. Top universities are looking for students who not only have excellent grades but also a love of learning.


We aim to help students be academically successful, get excellent grades and access the best global universities. However, more than that, we want students to develop the personal qualities – collaboration, communication, resilience and a growth mindset – that are vital for success in life.

Global Outlook

We want students to emerge from Hastings as culturally intelligent young men and women, able to communicate fluently in multiple languages and determined to help create a more just and sustainable world.

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