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How can we respond to the basic psychological needs of pupils with online classes? ABC talks to Marta Pérez, Deputy Head of Secondary and Head of Character Development, about the fundamental role played by physical education in the creation of healthy habits.
The education professionals are very clear on one thing: the return to school in class after the pandemic must prioritize a prior and continuous emotional support. Marta Pérez, Deputy Head of Secondary and Head of Character Development, shares her vision of the teachers’ role in September.
In the current context of uncertainty created by COVID, the pupils’ well-being is an absolute priority for education centres. Hastings School shares how to reinforce the physical and emotional health of pupils during this lockdown.
The teachers at Hastings School work to ensure that the children and young adults cover their basic psychological needs (autonomy, competition and relationships) despite the long period of lockdown.
Abi Lindsay Clark interviews the Principal of the prestigious Hastings School in Madrid, Neil Tetley. Neil tells us all about the school, their new campus for 14 to 18-year olds, and how they have been managing the corona virus situation from an educational point of view.
The international education group Cognita organises its own online Olympic Games to encourage sport during the lock-down: Cognita Home Games
Is there a time limit for screens when we use them for educational purposes? The Leadership Team at Hastings School answers all your questions about the time spent in front of a screen when education is virtual, to ensure a safe and responsible use.
To make the most of this unusual situation created by COVID-19, Neil Tetley, Principal of Hastings School, gives us ten “Dos and Don’ts” to help pupils stay positive during the lockdown.
New technologies can't substitute either the teacher or the classrooms, but they can be a very interesting tool to drive forward the education model in new directions. Neil Tetley presents future changes in education after the lockdown.
Emma Duffy, Deputy Head of Early Years, offers some key tips to put into practise at home so that children recover the desire to study and face the last months of the school year bursting with energy.
In the new world created by COVID 19, it is even more important to create study habits adapted to the situation. Hastings School shares with “Ser Padres” some very simple pieces of advice so that this period of time is not confused with extended holidays.

After Covid-19 – a new way of understanding education. Hastings offers advice for your children so that, during the lockdown, they don’t forget how to study, and they learn to manage remote education, therefore avoiding a difficult “Back to School”.

The Mayor of Madrid thanks Hastings School, and many of the city’s other institutions and businesses, for its donation towards the fight against the corona virus crisis.

The coronavirus outbreak has forced schools across the country to close. With Spain in lockdown, remote education replaces the traditional classroom

Six schools in Spain from the education group Cognita have been selected as being amongst The Best Schools in Spain by the prestigious newspaper El Mundo.

Hastings School is chosen for yet another year as one of the best international schools in Spain, according to the El Mundo 2020 ranking.

How can we motivate parents so they feel part of their children’s education? Interview with Neil Tetley containing the keys to a productive relationship with the school.

Climate change has arrived in the classrooms. At Hastings the pupils have taken part in initiatives such as Fridays for the Future or the United Nations conference COP25.

Interview about the inauguration of our new pre-university centre. “We help young people to develop the independence and confidence they will need when they leave school."

Homework or not in the Christmas holidays?  Hastings School proposes a list of the most original and productive exercises for our children to do at Christmas.

Podcast from “La Brújula de Madrid” with David del Cura, containing all the current news from Madrid. Interview with Germá Rigau, Managing Director of Cognita Spain, about the pre-university experience in English, Hastings Nexus.

The education group Cognita inaugurates in Madrid the Hastings Nexus, a pre-university experience with classes 100% in English for pupils from 16 to 18 years old.

Hastings School, a British and International School located in the centre of Madrid, officially opened the Hastings Nexus, a new campus for British education which introduces students to their first pre-university experience.

Hastings School, one of the pioneering British education centres in Madrid, has inaugurated Hastings Nexus, an innovative pre-university campus.

Are our youth ready for the future? Neil Tetley, Principal, explains how we are teaching a range of 21st-century skills from creativity and adaptability to problem-solving.

Why is the link between pupil and teacher such a determining factor in a child’s development?

To highlight the role of teachers in the life and learning of pupils, Hasting School gives us the key to their importance.

To highlight the role of teachers in the life and learning of pupils, Hasting School gives us the key to their importance.

On Students’ Day, Hastings School, one of the pioneering British education centres in Madrid, looks at the importance of generating a link between teachers and pupils in the classroom.

The link between teacher and student is fundamental for pupils to feel motivated and to improve their academic performance. “Educación 3.0” shows us how to achieve a strong and productive relationship.

The relationship between teachers and pupils is vital for student development.

Interview with Fidelma Murphy, Director of Education at Cognita Spain, during the inauguration of Hastings Nexus. “We apply cross-learning, observing the natural connections between the subjects”

Hastings School has designed a summer programme for children from 2 to 12 years old to make the most of their holidays while improving their English.