School Policies & Inspection Reports

School Policy Documents

At Hastings School, one of the foremost schools in Madrid, Spain, the safety and well-being of our children is our first priority. We are committed to ensuring their safety as well as their physical and emotional wellbeing. We also believe that parents need to be confident that the school provides a safe and secure environment for their children. Additionally, the staff should feel that the school is a safe place in which to work.

To this end we take proactive measures to protect the safety and security of all our students, parents and staff members. We follow a series of policies and guidelines that are designed to ensure that the protection of all our pupils is consistent with the values, principles and procedures which prevail in our daily interactions with them.

A variety of approaches have been envisaged in order to implement effective security and protection policies throughout the school.

Academic Honesty Policy (EN-ES)View/Download
Admissions PolicyView/Download
Admissions, Attendance and Children Missing from Education PolicyView/Download
Anti-bullying PolicyView/Download
Behaviour PolicyView/Download
Exclusion PolicyView/Download
Complaint ProcedureView/Download
Complaint FormView/Download
Curriculum PolicyView/Download
Digital SafetyView/Download
Educational Visits PolicyView/Download
English as additional language (EAL) PolicyView/Download
First Aid PolicyView/Download
Health & Safety PolicyView/Download
Privacy and Cookie NoticesView/Download
Risk Assessment Policy – Welfare, Health and SafetyView/Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection PolicyView/Download
Drugs & Alcohol PolicyView/Download
Preventing Radicalisation PolicyView/Download
Inclusion PolicyView/Download
Food Policy View/Download
Pupil Supervision and Lost and Missing Children PolicyView/Download

Hastings' Inspection Reports

Hastings is a non-selective school and we are proud of our established reputation for high academic standards. This is a voluntary inspection scheme for British schools overseas. This ensures every school provides their pupils with the skills and qualifications they need to enter or re-enter the British education system. This helps to inform parents of how the standards in these schools measure up against the standards that apply to independent schools in England.

The inspectorates are approved by the Department for Education of the UK and monitored by Ofsted (the Office for standards in education).  Read more about the standards for inspectorates.

The School Inspection Service report states that our ‘Primary school develops pupils’ competence in English very well and the fruits of this are evident throughout the school. From the youngest classes upwards, pupils’ personal and social development is fostered extremely well.

Please find a copy of our latest inspection report below and the highlights from the report:

NABSS Inspection 2021

The teacher-student relationships are very positive and contribute to a purposeful and inclusive learning environment. Students are focused and attentive. They have enough confidence to suggest a response or answer without the fear of making mistakes. The use of targeted questions by teachers encourages learners to take risks productively.

NABSS Inspection 2019

“Hastings School provides a high quality British education for its pre-nursery class. The site provides welcoming and safe surroundings for both children and staff. Facilities are good and resources are adequate to implement the E.Y.F.S. curriculum. Warm relationships are fostered with the children who make good progress in a caring environment.”