University Destinations 2017

University Entrance and Leavers' Destinations 2017

Students at Hastings are offered individual guidance on the type and number of courses they should study, and the consequent career and university options which exist for each student. All students are assisted with their university applications. Typically 100% of our students decide to continue their education at university , and graduate with the academic qualifications and interpersonal skills to do so with confidence.

These are some Universities attended by graduates in Hastings School from 2010 to 2017. (Normally 100% of our graduates go on to attend university mainly in the UK or in Spain):

Brunel University London (UK)1Business & Management (with Placement)
ESIC Business & Marketing School, Madrid (Spain)2Digital Marketing & Business Management
Business Administration
IE University, Madrid (Spain)1Business Administration
Imperial College London (UK)1Medicine
Kings College London, (UK)1Economics & Management
Lancaster University (UK) 1Mechanical Engineering
London School of Economics and Political Science, London (UK) 1Anthropology and Law
Loughborough University (UK) 1International Relations & French
Oxford Brookes University (UK) 2Business Management / Sociology
Interior Architecture
The Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) 1Computer Forensics and Security
Universidad de Alcalá (Spain)1Medicine
Universidad San Pablo CEU (Spain)1Law
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain) 2Veterinary Science
Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain) 1Mechanical Engineering
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain) 1Materials Engineering
University of Amsterdam (Holland) 1Double degree in Biomedical Engineering & Computer Engineering
University of Bath (UK) 4Civil and Architectural Engineering (with placement)
Business Administration (with professional placement)
Integrated Design Engineering
Mechanical with Automotive Engineering (with placement)
University of East Anglia (UK) 1Business Management
University of Glasgow (UK) 2Business & Management / Psychology
University of Lancaster (UK) 1Business Studies (Industry)
University of Leicester (UK) 1Management Studies & Marketing
University of Nottingham (UK) 1Zoology
University of Oxford, (UK) 1Engineering
University of Portsmouth (UK) 1Modern Languages & Business Management
University of the Arts London, (UK) 1Graphic Communication Design