As part of the global Cognita family of schools, at Hastings School we are taking our responsibilities very seriously and are adhering to the guidance of the Ministry of Health and local governments in Spain.

The health and safety of our pupils, families and staff is our top priority. We follow all official COVID-19-related sanitary guidelines and strict hygienic protocols to ensure a safe back to school (when this occurs):

We’re managing our response in a way that is proportionate, calm and informed by our experience around the world. We will update this page regularly as the situation develops and/or as we implement further measures to keep our community safe.


  • Premises are disinfected daily.
  • Some equipment and areas and objects (such as door handles) are cleaned more frequently.
  • All children and adults wash their hands thoroughly several times a day.
  • Good personal hygiene is taught and reinforced daily.
  • Hand-washing facilities and an alcohol-based hand gel are accessible at all times.
  • Face masks are used within buildings for older Primary, Secondary and Pre-University students.



  • School lunches are staggered over longer time periods to allow for social distancing and cleaning.
  • Class sizes in some cases will be temporarily reduced.
  • Younger students are likely to spend the school day in class groups and mix less with other students.
  • The PE curriculum will be altered to reduce physical contact and allow for more individual exercise.
  • Across school, there will be less paper used and more sharing of homework and group activities through Tapestry, SeeSaw and Microsoft Teams. 


During this time, we have developed a wide online teaching & learning programme where taking care of our school community wellbeing has been especially relevant. 


We are back in school and available onsite, nevertheless we will keep offering virtual and onsite visits to our school for families willing to stay at home.

* The situation within our region could change between now and Autumn and our regional governments might also alter the criteria under which we can operate.