Early Years After-School Activities

We believe that education does not solely consist of the academic curriculum. Pupils need opportunities to pursue their own interests and develop other abilities. At Hastings we offer a range of extra-curricular activities, which include drama, karate, keyboards, football, chess, guitar, judo and ballet. Some of these take place during the school day while others are held after school.

The school also organises an annual ski week and field trips, as well as numerous educational visits linked to the curriculum. In the summer we organize a highly popular summer school for young children. Our school teams regularly participate in local sports events, including football, basketball, volleyball, athletics and cross-country. In addition to these activities, there are drama performances and cultural events.

Some extra-curricular activities are specifically organised to raise money for charity. In this way pupils learn to appreciate the importance of supporting charitable causes and they acquire leadership and organisational skills.

After-school activity list

We are pleased to present our offer of extra-curricular activities for the school year 2017-18.

We remind you that this is an additional service in which the school acts solely as an intermediary – teachers render this service adhering to school policies and timetables.

Please fill in the extra-curricular registration form found below. Please carefully read all the details related to each activity: date, place, age group and cost.

The cost per term includes the number of class days which appear on the school calendar. For this reason, only when the extracurricular activity teacher is unable to give class on a school calendar day, this class will be recuperated or reimbursed.

Please send your forms by email to the campus where the activity will take place:




Teacher: Manuel Méndez
Timetable: 4.15 to  5.15 p.m.
Age group: Reception to Year 2
Price: 39 Euros/month
Minimum: 6 pupils/ Máximo: 20 pupils

Our very own well-established black belt Manuel runs this fun and challenging modern martial art class.

School Policy

In order to provide the best service in all our extra-curricular activities, we enclose some of the procedures in place for this academic year 2017/18.

Please read the following instructions carefully and identify the campus where your children participate in each activity. Please do not hesitate to contact the secretary in the appropriate campus from 9.00 to 17.00.

Please remember that siblings who are not attending an extra-curricular activity must be collected from school at the usual time.

Parents and carers must be in the entrance of the appropriate campus 5 minutes before the end of the activity. Please wait in the covered area on rainy days and do not enter the building. The teacher will accompany the children out to the playground where parents and/or carers will collect them.

The fulfillment of these rules guarantees your children’s safety.


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