Situated at a height of 650 meters above sea level in the centre of mainland Spain, Madrid is the political, financial and cultural heart of Spain as well as the highest capital city in Europe. It is estimated the capital attracts around 75% of all foreign investment destined to the country.

Spanish (español) is the language of the city though an increasing number of Madrileños speak English. Speaking a little Spanish is always appreciated, regardless of the level.

Madrid´s climate is continental with extreme temperatures: hot in summer and cold in winter with plenty of sunny days with really blue skies throughout the year.

Madrid, a capital full of possibilities

Madrid is a city that has a lot to offer its residents, from culture, art and wonderful historic buildings, to a vibrant night-life, great restaurants, shopping and wealth of green space. The children will adore the city. There are enough theme parks, zoos and excursions to keep them occupied for weeks. There really is something for everybody.

Other landmarks that are worth a visit include Madrid´s Royal Palace, its Cathedral (the Almudena), and a walk around the Casco Antiguo, or old quarter of the city with its famous square, the Plaza Mayor.

The region is famed for its sporting excellence with famous teams, such as Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid. Locals and visitors alike are given the opportunity to watch exciting football matches as well as racing events, marathons, cycling competitions, horse jumping, the Masters tennis series, basketball and golf tournaments, to name but a few. The region even offers mountain sports athe the region´s ski resorts: Navacerrada, La Pinilla and Valdesquí.

Shopping is big in Madrid and you will find something for all tastes, from traditional craft shops to major shopping centres and department stores.

Madrid has around 250.000 hectares of green area, 43 parks and gardens, like the beautiful and centrally located Retiro Park, and streets and avenues lined with trees.

Some cultural aspects

Spaniards are very friendly and welcoming people who enjoy making new acquaintances. Lunchtime in Spain starts around 12 PM and can continue up to 4 pm. Dinner is served around 9 PM.

Public Holidays in Madrid Capital are –“San Isidro 15th May”, “La Almudena 9th November” and day of the Community of Madrid 2nd of May.

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