Hastings Nexus: Pre-university for students aged 15 - 18 years

In our new campus at Manuel Marañon 8 (MM8) we aim to offer a genuine bridge between school and university.

The building is designed to feel more like a university and the philosophy is that we treat students as young adults (but expect them of course to respond by behaving like young adults). British baccalaureate lessons take place in small classes to enable a highly personalised approach.

The Nexus Concept

What is Sixth Form?

It is a sixth form education that looks beyond school to help ensure young people are ready for the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We want our students to get outstanding grades and go on to top universities but we want more than that.

We want to help our students develop the skills and attributes they will need to thrive in a world where many jobs will be automated and distinctly ´human´ qualities – creativity, curiosity, collaboration – will be prized above all else.

British baccalaureate with strong individual support:
  • Personal tutor with regular 1:1 guidance

  • Small class sizes (average 10)

  • Strong Sixth Form team

  • School psychologist

  • Specialist university and careers guidance

Sixth Form Programme

At Hastings Nexus we offer two world class qualifications – both of which allow students to gain access to top universities in the UK, Spain and around the world.
1. A-Levels:
  • These are the British curriculum university entry qualification

  • Students choose 3 or 4 subjects

  • In additions students may choose to do:
    - Spanish curriculum options, PCEs, to allow them to gain maximum points for Spanish universities.
    - An Extended Project Qualification – a 5000 word piece of academic writing on any topic.

2. The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme:
  • Students choose six subjects

  • In addition, students do:
    - An Extended Essay – a 4000 word piece of academic writing.
    - Theory of Knowledge – a philosophy of knowledge course.
    - Creativity, Activity, Service.

A LEVELS and the IB Diploma Programme

A choice of curriculum pathway

Offering both A Levels and the IBDP is a huge advantage for our students as it allows them to choose the curriculum path that suits them best.

Both systems are recognised by top universities in Spain, the UK and around the world. The extent to which US universities view IB Diploma candidates favourably can be seen by the figures below.

Standard National Acceptance Rate
IB Diploma Student Survey Acceptance Rate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7.2%23.1%
Stanford 4.65%17%

The IB diploma graduate destinations survey

“Students in grades 12 and 13 get a true taste of university life. They are not required to wear uni-forms, they can leave for lunch, and they learn time management. This helps the student’s growth and development as they prepare for university.”

–  Year 13 Parent

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