Family Outdoor Activities


You know what they say, sharing is caring. And sharing exciting adventures together as a family is the best way to build a solid base for a long-lasting relationship. The experiences planned for this new year will leave you with fun and unforgettable memories that will last forever!

We have prepared different activities aimed at the whole family, in different seasons and out in the countryside.

Activities and Weekend Trips

Olive adventures for all – 30/11/19

Family Outdoor Activity - Hastings School Madrid

Walk along a centenary olive grove, manual olive harvest the traditional way, kids trees planting in a pot to take home, oil tasting workshop, olive marinating instructions for your olives, food menu made of a tasting of different local producers, lots of space for children to play

Accessibility Accessible to prams (better if thick wheels for the olive grove part)
Place Arcicóllar (Toledo)
Date 30 November 2019
Time of arrival to meeting point 10:30 am
Time of ending of activities 5:30 pm (aprox)
Transport Everyone will come in their own vehicle
Food Included in the price

The world of the different olive oils, something so essentially Mediterranean, is, however, still very unknown. We will go to one of the oldest olive groves in La Mancha, one that now produces all their oil in an organic way. Their owners will guide us personally through the farm to explain the special particularities of their trees. We will pick up the olives with a stick, as they did for centuries. We will understand the process of production of the golden liquid gold that is the extra virgin olive oil and the differences with any other on a workshop where we will test the different types of oils that we can find in the market, according to its elaboration, nuances of flavor, acidity and color, to understand how its quality differs or which is more suitable for what use, learn to read a label, etc. For children there will be activities, apart from varear the olive trees (they go crazy with that) they will have an olive plantation workshop (they can take the little tree home!) And they can learn to marinate the olives and do it at home with their parents. Finally, we will have an authentic Manchego country meal complete with its migas, pisto, and many other entrees made from local producers, accompanied by wines from the DO La Mancha region for all. In short, a perfect day to get some fresh air, play, learn, eat and be merry!

It includes
• Guided walk through the centenary olive grove
• Tasting of oils with appetizer
• Olive tree plantation workshop for children (they take the pot home)
• Harvest of olives directly from the tree in the traditional style
• Olives dressing instructions
• Tasting menu with wine from the region, all made by local producers
• Sporty People Leader
• Civil liability + accident insurance
• Photos of the day

Adults and children over 8 years 66€
Children from 3 to 8 years old 40€
Children under 3 years FREE

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Winter sports, unspoilt wilderness, waterfall and restaurant lunch in the forest | 07/03/20

Family Outdoor Activity - Hastings School Madrid

Cross-country skiing for adults and older children and a mixed activity of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, adapted with games, for younger children and those adults who wish to be with them. Exclusive secluded natural enclave with very few people ad untouched landscapes. Beautiful route to the waterfall. Cabin restaurant in an idyllic enclave by the river and in the middle of the forest.

Accessibility Children from 4 years-6 years mixed activity of cross-country skiing + snowshoeing. 3-4 years only snowshoes. Children under 3 must go in a carrier. Restaurant area accessible to prams as well as the natural area it. The short hiking trail to the water fall is not pram friendly
Place Puerto de Navafría
Date March 7 – 2020
Time of arrival to meeting point 10:30 am
Time of ending of activities 5:30 pm (aprox)
Transport Individual cars + private bus from parking to ski area
Food Included

Navafría is a place of wild and spectacular natural beauty. It is the least visited mountain pass in Madrid. There is not even parking space apart from a couple cars and the quota is so limited that we will practically be alone in the forest. We will have a private bus for us from the restaurant to the slopes and back. Cross-country skiing, flat and relaxed, is an activity that we do not usually see in Spain so for most, it will be a discovery. It’s fun, easy and suitable for all ages. But since the little ones under 6 years of age still don’t have the physical shape, coordination or patience, we have prepared for them a mixed activity of cross-country skiing and snowshoes, through games, so that they immerse without any effort in these winter sports. We will walk among the fir trees quietly, guided by instructors. About halfway we will stop for a mid-morning snack and then return to the cabin to leave the gear and go down to the restaurant, where we will eat in a rustic mountain hut, overlooking the river and just 20 minutes on foot from the Los Chorros waterfall, more than 20m high, in the middle of one of the largest extensions of wild pine in Europe. A beautiful winter postcard. Children can play outdoors safely in this special area away from the typical hustle and bustle of the weekenders, deep inside this secluded area of the National Park.

It includes
• Transportation by private bus from restaurant to activities area (15 min)
• Mid morning snack
• Beginners cross-country ski course and guided 2h tour
• Mixed activity cross country and snowshoes for under 6 yo and only snowshoes for 3-4 yo
• Rental gear
• Instructors
• Lunch menu in mountain restaurant
• Short route to the waterfall of El Chorro
• Civil liability + accident insurances
• Photos of the day

Adults and children over 6 years – € 78
Children between 3 and 6 years old – € 63
Under 3 years old FREE

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Untamed: Survival in the wild for all ages | 09/05/20

Family Outdoor Activity - Hastings School Madrid

Orientation, basic survival techniques and first aid in nature including environmental activities and field games for the very little ones!

Accessibility Accessible to prams
Place La Barranca (Navacerrada)
Date Sat May 9- 2020
Time of arrival to the meeting point 10:30 am
Time of ending of activities 6 pm (approx)
Transport Individual cars

Food Everyones bring their own picnic. Some tables available at the activity area
This is an activity that is simply amazing, fun and so special, also perfect and for the whole family, from 0 to 99 (like board games). It’s also set in one of the most beautiful areas of the National Park, La Barranca. We will make two parallel groups, one for adults and over 5 years old, and one for other adults and under 5. Both groups will share in the same area so anyone can move from one group to another as they wish throughout the day.

Activity 1 consists of orientation, survival and first aid in the wild through all kinds of group games that promise both learning and laughter, including: interpretation of maps and following of a route, use of the compass, orientation by signs in the natural environment, orientation by sun and shadow, search, purification and carrying water, making fire, finding natural shelters and construction, first aid, care and evacuation of wounded, prevention of accidents and problems before we set off, the hikers’ first aid kit, etc . They will tell us how to discern what we can eat and what not, what to do if we get trapped by snow, night, fog or fire, what to include in your hiking backpack, how to deal with an insect bite, a sprain, hypothermia or a heat stroke, etc.

Activity 2 is for the little ones and parents who wish (but adults can swap with others during the day). We have prepared a super original day to learn and have fun in: games to discover nature, construction of shelters with natural things we previously collect, stone painting workshop, manufacturing tools using elements of nature, search for plants and activities with them, finding animal trails, etc. They could be divided into two levels, by age, if the group is very large.

It includes
• Basic games and techniques: orientation, survival and first aid for adults and children from 5 years
• Environmental activities for children under 5 years
• All the materials
• Mid-morning snack
• Professional instructors specialized in mountain (TD2) and environmental educators
• Sporty People Leader
• Civil liability + accident insurances
• Photos of the day

Adults and children over 6 years € 51
Children from 2 to 6 years old: € 34
Children under 2 years FREE

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Organic berry picking & kayaking in Lozoya | 13/06/20

Family Outdoor Activity - Hastings School Madrid

Accessibility Accessible to prams. In the kayaks children from 18 months. The kayaks accept up to 3 seated adults and 3 children under 6 years old who can sit between their parents’ legs. Over 6 years old they need their own seat in the kayak.
Place Lozoya
Date Sat June 13
Time of arrival to meeting point 10:30 am
Ending time 6:30 pm (approx)
Transport Individual cars
Food Included

We’ll start the day in a beautiful organic farm set at the end of the tiny Lozoya town, a valley surrounded by the Guadarrama Sierra peaks, and washed by the Pinilla reservoir. A mid-morning snack will be waiting for you to gather strength until lunchtime. After the Adolfo, its owner, tells us about his plantation, which is specialized in all species of organic berries, we will go harvest them.

Raspberries of various species, currants of all colours, blackberries, blueberries… A real pleasure for the palate and a super fun activity for kids, with beautiful views of the reservoir. The first two trays per person are included in the price but you can take as many as you wish and pay the excess on departure!

After the harvest, we will walk 15 minutes before topping to enjoy the picnic that everyone has brought from home. There are some tables but we can bring your mats to put on the ground under the shade of the trees.
Then we will make a small route along the reservoir, approximately 20 minutes, until we reach the beach to take a kayak ride and enjoy a well-deserved dip in the water.


• Visit to the farm
• Berry picking
• Lunch picnic
• 2 berry trays per person (over 2 yo)
• Walks along the reservoir’s rim
• Kayak route 2h
• Kayak and life vest rental
• Sporty People leader
• Civil liability + accident insurances
• Photos of the day

Adults and children over 6 yo € 51
Children from 2 to 6 yo € 34
Children under 2 yo FREE

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Family Ski Weekend

Dates, location, program and prices will be published later. If you think you may be interested we strongly advise you to sign up here and we’ll send the information directly to your email when it becomes available.

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Family Water Adventures Weekend

Dates, location, program and prices will be published later. If you think you may be interested we strongly advise you to sign up here and we’ll send the information directly to your email when it becomes available.

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Family Club 


Please send by email:

  • Contact details (name, email and phone number)
  • Name and age of all participants

The payment for those parents that haven’t got the direct debit established could make the payment three days before the outdoor activity via transfer into the school account ES2221000276140200473928 (Cognita Hastings School S.L.) writing the concept, name and date of the activity.

If a family has signed up for an activity or trip but wants to cancel their participation, a minimum of one week’s notice must be given. If this notice is not given, a charge of 85% of the total cost will be made.

We kindly ask you to understand that these terms are crucial for the activities to happen, as the money is used to make non-refundable reservation payments.

If the family is not sure of being able to attend, it is advisable to wait until they are 100% sure.