Andrew McEachen

Science Teacher in Secondary

I first worked in Madrid between 2004 and 2007, feeling instantly at home. In 2011 I was given the opportunity to come back to Madrid to work at Cognita Hastings School as a biology teacher. Since then I have continued to enjoy living here and feel privileged to get to work with such highly motivated staff and students.

Alice Josselyn

Year 1 Teacher (Bendición)

Hastings is the first school I have worked at since moving to Spain and I could not have asked for a more welcoming environment. There is a great sense of family and community in the Primary school which has helped me to settle in to my new life; the children are polite, keen and fun; the staff are supportive and kind. I have had the pleasure of working with a wonderful teaching assistant for two years who is now training to become a teacher herself.

I am now in my second year as a Year 1 teacher and have found the most positive thing about teaching children at this age is the progress that they make. For most, English is their second or even third language and during this year I see them go from strength to strength with speaking, understanding, reading and writing. It is quite incredible and tremendously rewarding.

Laura Sutton

Year 3 teacher

After qualifying as a primary school teacher in 2005, I worked in a range of schools with children from Year 2 to Year 6 in my lovely home town of Norwich, UK.  An avid traveller, I first got the ‘wanderlust bug’ in 2007 and after various trips worldwide, I decided it was time to try living overseas.

I arrived in sunny Madrid in the September of 2013 and though I miss my family, I haven’t looked back since because I absolutely love it here!  I have already gained experience in both the public and private education systems here and am now settled at Hastings School, where I currently teach in Year 3.  I feel lucky to enjoy my job teaching the lovely children in my care.

The international crowd in Madrid is great and I have made many new friends whilst continuing my interests in live music, travelling, teaching zumba, enjoying modern art and playing hockey in and around this wonderful city.  I have also taken the opportunity to take up cycling and learn how to ski as well as trying to improve my level of Spanish.

Kerry Hazel

KS2 Teacher & Creative Curriculum

Teaching abroad is something I have wanted to do since I began teaching in 2008. After teaching in England for six years, I decided it was time to pursue that ambition. Madrid was somewhere I’d previously been on holiday so when the post at Hastings arose I saw it as a perfect opportunity to live and work in a dynamic, cosmopolitan city that I had loved visiting.

Hastings is a supportive community with the well-being, happiness and progress of all children at the centre and working here has helped me to remember why I originally decided to teach. The children are enthusiastic and love learning and it is amazing to see the progress they make as a result, particularly in English. My teaching and classroom management have improved, thanks to all I have learnt from my colleagues and, as acting Key Stage 2 Coordinator, I have also been given opportunities for professional development.

Marcela Fernández Lajús

Music Teacher

My career as a music teacher began in Argentina in 1988. I came to live and work in Spain twelve years ago, and this is now my eighth years working in Hastings school. From its humble beginnings, the Music department was created and has grown and developed into what it is now. The presence of music can be seen in many areas of the school curriculum such as the Summer Concert, Christmas Carols and Class Assemblies.  During my time at Hastings School, I have found that there is a very supportive community, where the staff, children and parents all work collaboratively towards the same objectives.  Hastings is a place where all students can spread their wings and be creative, and as we say in our music sessions:

“Music brings us together!”